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U (clap, clap, clap)
C (clap, clap, clap)
L (clap, clap, clap)
A (clap, clap, clap)
U-C-L-A Fight, Fight, Fight.

The 8 Clap is UCLA's most famous cheer. You will hear it at every sporting event. It is used in the middle of the Fight Song and also throughout the games to cheer our teams on.

Yell Crew leads 8 Clap

When a fan walks into the student section wearing a red shirt, the entire student sections chants “Take off that RED SHIRT! Take off that RED SHIRT!” until the offending fan indeed takes off that red shirt.

“Dirt from the Den” provides students with a game outlook and dirt on the other team. Before every football home game, members of the Den will distribute “Dirt from the Den” outside of the student tunnel entrances. Before every home basketball game, "Dirt from the Den" will be distributed on the student seats inside Pauley.

Before every kickoff (both at the start of a half and after a scored play) the student section, using the drum cadence from the band, points at the kicker. Counting with the drum beat, the Den points at the returning team and bounces their arm back toward the kicker, pointing at the end zone, the 20 yard line, the 50 yard line and then the opposite end zone. Repeat x 4.

1st Down
Fight song plays and everyone does the 8 Clap.

Opposing Team 3rd Down
The Victory Bell rings. Make as much noise as you can and hold up 3 fingers in the air.

The Den holds 3 fingers up during 3rd down
Opposing Team 4th Down
Same as 3rd down but put up a fist.

Hibernation of Bruin Bear
The bear is boarded up so that USC students can't mess with it. He goes into hibernation the week of the rivalry game and comes out after the game.

Bonfire Rally
A huge bonfire in Wilson Plaza the Thursday before the Big Game. Everyone gets hyped up for the game, Coach Mora talks to the students and the Football team is present.

Beat SC Bonfire Rally
Victory Bell
The winner of the big game (UCLA vs. USC) paints the Victory Bell their school color and gets to keep the Victory Bell until the next year when they play again.

Victory Bell

Roll Call
This cheer acknowledges the UCLA players before the game. The Den’s Roll Call Leaders will instruct students on which name to chant but as a general rule names are chanted in class order starting with freshmen and ending with seniors. The Den will chant the player’s name and clap quickly five times repeatedly until the UCLA player waves to the students.

1-2-3 "Play Ball"
At the conclusion of the national anthem, one Den member will yell “1-2-3” and the entire student section will point to the court and scream “PLAY BALL!”

Opponent Introduction Signs
During pre-game team intro’s for the opponent, the Den sign leader will hold up different chants for the starting five opposing players. Once the announcer has said a player’s name over the sound system, the Den will yell in unison whatever sign being held up.

Frisbee Cheer
Each game an honorary Frisbee cheer leader will be selected. This person will yell the quotes below. The entire student section will respond after each question with a “Yes, that’s …” At the end of the cheer, the student section will simply repeat the word that is being yelled by the Frisbee cheer leader.

“Is this a basketball?”
“Is that the court?”
“Is that the losing team?” (point to the opponents)
“Is that the winning team?” (point to UCLA’s team)
“Are we the Bruins?”
“Looooooosing team!”
“Winning team!”

Den Member Leads Frisbee Cheer

Before the game starts, tear up the Dirt From the Den page into small strips. When the Bruins score their first basket of the game, throw the small strips of paper into the air like confetti.


If an opposing team player shoots an airball, chant “airball” any time that player touches ball.

3-Point Play
When UCLA get into a 3- point play situation, yell “3 point play” with the announcer when he says “(player name) to the line to complete the 3 point play.”

3-Pointer T-Shirt Toss
When a UCLA player makes a 3-pointer, t-shirts will be thrown into the stands.

Den member tries to catch a t-shirt

Shot Clock
When UCLA has 10 seconds on the shot clock left, help them by chanting out each second as it passes. If our opponent has 10 seconds on the shot clock left, start yelling “5-4-3-2-1!”

So Long Chief!
When an opposing team’s player fouls out, yell out which foot is stepping on the floor. Usually that chant would sound a little something like this: “Left, right, left, right, left, right” unless that players tries to get fancy and hops back to the bench. When the player stands on his walk back to the bench yell “STAAAANDING” nice and slow until he resumes movement. When the fouled out player finally sits down on the bench , the Den yells “SIT DOWN!” After a couple seconds have passed, a Den leader yells out “1-2-3” and the entire Den yells back “So long chief!”

2 Minute Cheer
If the Bruins have a hearty lead with two minutes left to go in the second half, the crowd will begin an arena-wide UCLA cheer. Each section (two sideline sections and two baseline sections) will have their own letter. The sideline student section will cheer “U” and make a U arm motion, the baseline student section will cheer “C” while making a C arm motion and the other sides of Pauley Pavilion will yell “L” and “A” depending on their seat.

Whoosh Clap Clap
When UCLA is shooting a free throw, the Den holds up one finger towards the basket. When the free throw is made, the Den yells out “Whoosh” as they drop their hands into two quick and loud claps. Then usually, it’s time to do it again for another free throw!

During the explanation of the Supershot rules, the announcer says “And for that Lowly Trojan All-Star…” and the Den responds in unison “Absolutely nothing!” while making a big zero gesture with their hands.

After every game the Band will play our Alma Mater. After a Bruin victory, the Band will play “Rover” after the Alma Mater and the Den jumps around, dancing like maniacs and singing the lyrics to the song. The highlight of the song is when “big dent” is sung and the student section jumps up to make a huge ruckus.

Bruin Points
As the announcer says the UCLA individual player point totals, the Den does one clap for every point. So when a player scores 20 points, the Den quickly claps 20 times after the announcer say that player’s point total.

We are the Sons of Westwood,
and we hail the blue and gold,
true to thee our hearts will be,
our love will not grow old.
Bruins roam the hills of Westwood,
by the blue Pacific shore
and if by chance they see
a man from U$C,
every Bruin starts to roar.
U (clap clap clap)
C (clap clap clap)
L (clap clap clap)
A (clap clap clap)
U-C-L-A Fight, Fight, Fight.
We are the Mighty Bruins,
the best team in the West,
we’re marching on to Vic-tor-y
to conquer all the rest.
We are the Mighty Bruins,
triumphant evermore,
and you can hear,
from far and near,
the Mighty Bruin roar.
1st verse:
U (clap, clap, clap)
C (clap, clap, clap)
L (clap, clap, clap)
A (clap, clap, clap)
U-C-L-A Fight, Fight, Fight.
2nd verse:
Go - Fight - Win - Bruins!!!
(2 fingers raised & hats off)
Hail to the Hills of Westwood,
to the mighty sea below,
Hail to our Alma Mater,
she will conquer every foe,
for we’re loyal to the Southland,
her honor we’ll uphold,
we’ll gladly give our hearts to thee,
to the Blue and to the Gold.
Played after the Alma Mater for all home wins
We’re looking over, a dead dog Rover,
that we over ran tonight, alright!
One leg is broken, the other is bent,
and in his head there’s a great big dent.
(BANG! - jump on floor)
No use explaining, the parts remaining,
they’re scattered all over the court…
We’re looking over, a dead dog Rover,
that we over ran tonight.
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