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Tourney Talk
By: UCLA Athletics

On Representing UCLA in the NCAA Tournament

"Obviously anytime you have an opportunity to go to the NCAA Tournament and have a chance to win a national championship it's exciting. This being my last chance at going, I'm probably more excited than I have been in years past." - Senior Forward Sean Farnham

"It feels good to know that I'm representing a program that has won 11 NCAA titles. I'm just glad to be a part of it." - Freshman Guard/Forward Jason Kapono

"It feels good. Especially because it looked like in the middle of the season we weren't going to go. Other times when we've gone, we were supposed to go, but now we're not taking it for granted. We will cherish every moment." - Sophomore Guard Billy Knight

"It's a real privilege. This team has had to fight through a lot of adversity this year and for us to get a No. 6 seed in the NCAA Tournament is a big deal for us. All we wanted to do was get in. As far as I'm concerned everyone has a 0-0 record. Everyone has a clean slate. I'm hoping we can just make a run at it." - Junior Guard Rico Hines

"I think we started playing good at the right time and I think we are going to do a lot of great things in the tournament this year." - Sophomore Forward Matt Barnes

"I feel very proud to be sporting those four letters across my chest because there is so much tradition in this school. I'm just very excited." - Sophomore Forward JaRon Rush

"There is so much tradition with UCLA basketball. There isn't a better feeling than running out on the court with a UCLA jersey and just watching your opponent's eyes and how they see all that tradition we represent. It's definitely a mental edge." - Junior Guard Earl Watson

On Ball State

"Ball State is a very talented team. Their point guard (Duane) Clemens can really put it up. He reminds me of a slashing, scoring type of point guard, kind of like Jason Gardner from Arizona. He's very talented and very quick. As a team, they remind me of Arizona State." - Sean Farnham

"We pretty much know that they are a perimeter team. They have four strong guards who average about 16 or more points. We also know that they won the MAC championship. They shoot 42% from the three point line and they beat Purdue at Purdue by 20." - Jason Kapono

"Ball State is a good team. We just have to play hard and we can't overlook anybody like we did last year. We kind of took Detroit for granted. We just have to concentrate on Ball State and play hard." - Billy Knight

"They're a very good team. I watched some film on them. They like to run a lot of high picks and they play hard. It should be a good, competitive game, but if we play the way we're capable of playing, we should win." - Rico Hines

"They won their conference tournament so they're a good team. We can't afford to overlook anybody and it should be a good game on Thursday night." - Matt Barnes

"I feel they are a team we match-up well against. They are an up-and-down team and that's the way we like to get up the floor so it should be a very exciting game on Thursday." - JaRon Rush

"Ball State is a solid team. They have won something like 11 of their last 12. They have a great senior backcourt and with that much experience, any team is dangerous because a strong backcourt seems to be the key in every tournament." - Earl Watson

On Having to Play in a Dome

"It doesn't bother me. I've played in so many the last four years. It's exciting to go into an arena with so many people packed in there. It's going to be an exciting environment." - Sean Farnham

"We've played in two already - the Dean Dome and the Carrier Dome - so we're used to playing in the dome setting. We should be fine." - Jason Kapono

"I like domes." - Billy Knight

"We've already played in few this year so it's not a big deal." - Rico Hines

"We did it last year so it's no big difference. Now I'm a year older and more mature and I just can't wait to play." - JaRon Rush

"We've played in Carolina and in Syracuse and played pretty well. It won't be a big deal." - Earl Watson

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