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Women's Soccer Twins Pose Double Threats
By: UCLA Athletics

November 4, 1998

By Shira Andron
UCLA Media Relations Assistant

Teamwork. Camaraderie. Friendship. These are the keys to a successful team as well as the special characteristics of twins who have shared a close bond since birth. With four sets of twins affiliated with the UCLA women's soccer program, the Bruins are sure to enjoy a unique familial link this season. The Bruins twin connection of Breana and Krista Boling, Skylar Little, Beth Thompson and head coach Todd Saldaa's newborn daughters will surely bring a close team even closer.

Headlining the twin connection are freshmen midfielder Breana and defender Krista Boling. UCLA opponents definitely have double the trouble when the Boling twins take the field. Although they play different positions and are not identical, these two sisters, born just 10 minutes apart, are best friends. Fans won't find Krista or Breana roaming Bruin Walk alone; they do everything in unison, including rooming together.

"Because we don't look alike, we just see ourselves as sisters with the same birthday. What's really great is just having a sister who is your best friend," says Krista.

The only Bruin to have an identical twin is junior defender Skylar Little. She and her sister Jacqui share the same bond as the Bolings. Although Skylar and Jacqui, a starting forward for perennial powerhouse Santa Clara, live apart, there's no separating their relationship. Despite the distance, the two are extremely close and have no competitive rivalry.

"People try to compare us, but we play different positions and are very supportive of each other, " says Skylar.

While the two have not matched-up on the collegiate level, if they do, their parents are sure to root for whomever has the ball.

Adding a different dimension is Thompson who has a twin brother Brian. The oldest of six children, the two share more of a relationship as brother and sister than as twins. While both have different hobbies, each shares a passion for soccer.

"It was definitely great growing up with another soccer fanatic in the family," said Thompson, who has started 10 games at midfield this season.

Rounding out the twin connection at UCLA is Saldaa, the father of four daughters under the age of four, including newborn twins Antoinette and Dominique. Saldaa is getting a bird's eye view of what it is like to be a twin.

"There's no doubt with all these twins I will learn a lot about how to prepare my daughters," he said. "What we have here is very special and unique."

With the Pac-10 race in full swing, the Bruin twin crew of Thompson, Little and the Boling will come together to help lead a talented team in its pursuit of another Pac-10 title and a return trip to the NCAA playoffs. The Bruins have assured themselves of another successful season, finishing the first half with the best record in school history (10-1-1) and risiing to No. 9 on the Soccer America and NSCAA polls, the highest regular season ranking in school history. As the defending Pac-10 champs, UCLA will be the bullseye on every league opponent's schedule. But no team can compete in the twin league.

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