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Weekly Bruin Profile - Ashley Bowles
By: UCLA Athletics

Ashley Bowles

Sport: Women's Volleyball

Year: Senior
Position: Outside Hitter
Hometown: Manhattan Beach, CA

High School: Mira Costa HS

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What has been the highlight of your athletic career?
Being the first player ever to be named all-tournament four times at the Hawaiian Airlines Classic

Where was the toughest place you have ever played?
USC North Gym

What was your favorite moment of last season?
When we beat SC at home

Who inspired you to play volleyball?
My father - he would take me out every day and rally with me

What is your favorite sport other than volleyball?
Tennis and football

Do you have any pre-game superstitions?
Wearing my bow

What is the one movie you must have in your movie collection?
Notting Hill

What is the one TV show you can't miss?
Sex and the City

What is your favorite reality show?
Fear Factor - I think it's entertaining to see the gross and outrageous things people will do for money.

What is your favorite genre of music?
70's - for my 21st birthday, my friends and I dressed up in disco theme. We had a blast.

What is your favorite place on campus?
Pauley Pavilion - it's an amazing place to play

What class at UCLA have you liked best?
Political Science 20 - International relations (my current major)

Who do you admire most in life and why?
My brother Brian - he's very inspirational. I've looked up to him my whole life. He has an amazing work ethic and recently made it to the major leagues with the Toronto Blue Jays.

If you could have superpowers, what would they be?
I think I'd like to be invisible (wouldn't that be nice for volleyball purposes!)

If you were granted three wishes, what would they be?
1. To stop aging, 2. To win an NCAA Championship, 3. To become a successful and famous beach volleyball player.

What is the one thing you would not do no matter how much money you were offered?
Hurt my family in some way emotionally or physically

What is your nickname?

If you had one last meal, what would it be?
A chicken burrito and a jar of Skippy peanut butter

What would you never be caught dead wearing?
Teva sandals

What is your worst fear?
Spiders everywhere

What is the best Christmas or birthday present you ever received?
A day at the Ojai spa

What is your favorite childhood memory?
Playing Cabbage Patches with my best friend Ella

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Saturday, Aug 29
vs. Virginia
Los Angeles, CA
(25-19, 25-21, 25-16)
Sunday, Aug 30
vs. Loyola Marymount
Los Angeles, CA
(15-25, 23-25, 27-29)
Friday, Sep 04
vs. American University
Honolulu, HI
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Saturday, Sep 05
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Friday, Sep 18
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Friday, Sep 18
at Long Beach State
Long Beach, CA
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Wednesday, Sep 23
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Los Angeles, CA
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Sunday, Sep 27
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Berkeley, CA
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Friday, Oct 02
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Los Angeles, CA
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Sunday, Oct 04
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Los Angeles, CA
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Friday, Oct 09
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Sunday, Oct 11
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Friday, Oct 16
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Sunday, Oct 18
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Friday, Oct 23
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Sunday, Oct 25
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Corvallis, OR
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Friday, Oct 30
at Washington State
Pullman, WA
(25-13, 25-20, 23-25, 25-16)
Sunday, Nov 01
at Washington
Seattle, WA
(20-25, 26-24, 15-25, 20-25)
Wednesday, Nov 04
vs. Colorado
Los Angeles, CA
(25-23, 26-24, 25-17)
Friday, Nov 06
vs. Utah
Los Angeles, CA
(25-16, 25-20, 21-25, 25-16)
Thursday, Nov 12
vs. Oregon
Los Angeles, CA
(25-17, 17-25, 25-27, 25-23, 12-15)
Sunday, Nov 15
vs. Oregon State
Los Angeles, CA
(25-18, 25-19, 25-27, 25-19)
Friday, Nov 20
at Arizona State
Tempe, AZ
(25-22, 22-25, 19-25, 28-26, 15-10)
Sunday, Nov 22
at Arizona
Tucson, AZ
(22-25, 27-29, 27-25, 25-21, 10-15)
Wednesday, Nov 25 - 8:00 PM PST
at USC
Los Angeles, CA
Friday, Nov 27 - 8:00 PM PST
vs. Stanford
Los Angeles, CA
Friday, Dec 04 - TBA PST
vs. NCAA First Round
Saturday, Dec 05 - TBA PST
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Friday, Dec 11 - TBA PST
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Saturday, Dec 12 - TBA PST
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Thursday, Dec 17 - TBA PST
vs. NCAA National ...
Omaha, NE
Saturday, Dec 19 - TBA PST
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Omaha, NE