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Bruin Profile - Jessica Stamp
By: UCLA Athletics

Jessica Stamp

Sport: Soccer

Year: Redshirt Freshman
Position: Midfielder
Hometown: Spring, Texas

High School: Klein HS

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How old were you when you started playing soccer?:

Favorite former UCLA player and why:
Karissa Hampton. She loves to play and loves her teammates. She's also an awesome player.

Toughest place you have ever played?:
In Durham, North Carolina. It was freezing! (I'm from Texas).

Best player you have played against:
Mia Hamm

Which WUSA team would you like to play for and why?:
The San Diego Spirit. I love Southern California and it would be a dream to play with Shannon MacMillan, Julie Foudy and Karissa Hampton.

If you could be a professional athlete in another sport, who would you be and why?:
Marion Jones ? Track and Field. I could win Olympic medals, earn a whole lot of money, have muscles and help people.

What are your pre-game superstitions?:
I don't have any. I find it funny how it's actually weird not to have one.

Most embarrassing moment in a game:
I was playing club soccer in a game in front of tons of college and national team coaches. I was so excited that right when I got in the game, I did a diving header off a throw-in and ended up hitting the ground missing the ball completely.

What is the one movie you must have in your movie collection?:
When Harry Met Sally.

What is the one TV show you can't miss?:

What celebrity do you admire most?:
Tom Hanks

What is the last CD you bought?:
The Magnolia Soundtrack

What is the most embarrassing CD in your collection?:
None are embarrassing. Okay, maybe my X-Files Soundtrack.

What is your favorite place on campus?:
The Soccer Field

What class at UCLA have you liked the best?:
Classics ? Roman Civilization

What is your favorite book?:
Pride and Prejudice

Who do you admire most in life and why?:
My mom. She embodies every quality and admirable person can, and then some.

If you could meet any person living or dead, who would it be and why?:
Queen Elizabeth so I could ask her about ruling in a man?s world.

If you would have the answer to one question, what would that question be?:
Why are we here?

Tell us something about yourself that few people know:
I often go to the movies just for the popcorn.

Who is the most famous person you have met?:
John Lithgow

If you could invite someone famous over for dinner, who would it be and what would you be eating?:
It would be David Duchovny for sushi.

What is your worst habit?:

What is the strangest thing that has happened to you?:
Having a horrible reaction to a hot dog at the top of Pikes Peak and getting hypothermia.

What is your pet peeve?:
People complaining about their weight or how they look.

What is your favorite thing to do outside of sports?:
Surf the internet.

What is your favorite color?:
Bruin baby blue & gold!

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Friday, Sep 04
vs. Virginia
Los Angeles, CA
L, 1 - 2
Sunday, Sep 06
vs. Texas
Los Angeles, CA
L, 1 - 2
Friday, Sep 11
at Wake Forest
Winston-Salem, NC
W, 2 - 1
Sunday, Sep 13
at North Carolina
Chapel Hill, NC
L, 1 - 3
Thursday, Sep 17
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Los Angeles, CA
W, 1 - 0
Friday, Sep 25
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Los Angeles, CA
W, 1 - 0
Thursday, Oct 01
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Sunday, Oct 04
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Pullman, WA
L, 2 - 4
Friday, Oct 09
vs. Arizona
Los Angeles, CA
W, 5 - 1
Sunday, Oct 11
vs. Arizona State
Los Angeles, CA
T, 1 - 1 (2OT)
Saturday, Oct 17
at Oregon State
Corvallis, OR
L, 1 - 2
Friday, Oct 23
vs. Colorado
Los Angeles, CA
W, 2 - 1
Sunday, Oct 25
vs. Utah
Los Angeles, CA
W, 1 - 0
Thursday, Oct 29
at California
Berkeley, CA
L, 0 - 7
Sunday, Nov 01
at Stanford
Stanford, CA
L, 0 - 2
Friday, Nov 06
vs. USC
Los Angeles, CA
L, 0 - 2