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Postgame Quotes
By: UCLA Athletics

NCAA Softball Regional - @ UCLA's Easton Stadium
Post-Game Press Conference - Game One
Cornell 2, Long Beach State 1

Cornell Head Coach Dick Blood
"We had our hands full, and (Sarah) Sterman pitched a brilliant game. We mishandled a couple of balls, but fortunately most of the time they got on base, we had an out, so they couldn't advance a runner. We played a little small ball, and I think the big play in the game, of course, was Lauren May bunting and moving the runners, and we got a base hit after that. Of course you have to have the base hit."

"(Erin) Sweeney was a big catalyst for us today; she had a few hits - a double and a single, and the top of the order did a really nice job."

"I really tip my hat to Long Beach. Their pitchers did a brilliant job. We scored in one inning, and they scored in one inning. It was a wonderful game for us and a well-played game by both teams."

(On how critical it was to jump on Long Beach State pitcher Meredith Cervenka in the fourth inning) "It was huge for us. It was a nice way for us to do it, and at the same time it breathes a little energy into our sails. She was working on a no-hitter through three, and her off-speed stuff really had us baffled, so it was wonderful to jump out 2-0."

(On if this game has given the team confidence for the rest of the tournament): "We'll take one game at a time. We feel very fortunate to beat Long Beach State. It's a storied program and great tradition and a powerful ball club. So we'll take it one game at a time. But certainly it lets our kids know that they can play at this level, and we're looking forward to game two."

Cornell pitcher Sarah Sterman
"It feels better than any other win we've ever had. I feel like it's not just Cornell here; I feel like we're here representing the entire Ivy League. We don't really get noticed very much up in the northeast, but I think we play pretty good softball anyway. This win means a lot, to more than just our team, but it means a whole lot to our team."

Long Beach State head coach Pete Manarino
"First of all, you have to credit Cornell. They came out and did a nice job. They were hitting the ball early and we got out of a couple of innings. They executed and did the little things they needed to do as a team. They got a couple of people on base, got a key base hit, then they put down a nice squeeze, and we were down 2-zip. We kept fighting back. (Lindsey) Knoff came in relief and did an excellent job keeping us in the ball game. We did a nice job in the sixth inning to get off the floor, but it just wasn't enough in this particular game. We have a long road ahead right now, so we'll see what happens."

"Cornell and their coach, they did a great job. It's got to be a big win for their program, there's no doubt about it. They came out and fought and did the little things, and on this particular day, they came out and beat Long Beach."

Long Beach State pitcher Lindsey Knoff
"It definitely would have been awesome to play on ESPN, but at this point we still have a chance. There are still (TV) games on Saturday and Sunday. There's no reason we can't come back for it. We have a tough road ahead for us, but we've had a tough road all year. We've been down in games, nobody expected us to do as well as we did, and here we are."

Long Beach State head coach Pete Manarino
(adding to Knoff's comments) "It seems this is the Beach way. Long Beach State softball for a lot of years has really gone out and fought hard. That was our style of play for a long time, and our style is not going to change."

*Cornell's win was its first ever in the NCAA Tournament, and head coach Dick Blood earned his 300th career victory

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