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Post-Game Quotes
By: UCLA Athletics

Oct. 2, 2004

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UCLA head coach Karl Dorrell
"It was a great game. It was nice to see such a good performance out of our boys. The issues our defense had earlier in the season worked out. We had fun creating turnovers. Offensively, we started well but sputtered in the middle. We didn't score as much as we had hoped, but we did score when we needed to and did a nice job taking advantage of our opportunities."

"Our special teams played solid, and Chris Kluwe did a nice job. He was able to stick the ball down there in their zone. It was one of his best performances of the year."

"I was pleased with how we played after the bye week. After the bye week were we were not sure how we would play. We got good production, and I was pleased with our performance, and now we start Pac-10 play, where every game matters as much as the next."

(On SDSU's defense): "That's a solid group, and it's as good a group of linebackers as we'll face. It's a defense they can be proud of; they'll win a lot of games for them. It's not easy running the ball on that defense. It was tough for us at times, but it was good to go through that. Some people expect us to have 300 yard performances on a weekly basis, but that's not going to happen. But our backs did well. Each game as we move forward it's going to get tougher and tougher. We have to continue to improve and get better and better."

(On Maurice Drew's touchdown run): "There was one quick flashback to what he did a few weeks ago. He split a tackle, bounced off a couple of guys and shot through there like a bb gun, and he was gone. I did not believe he was going to have the performance had in Washington, but it did resemble the runs he had two weeks ago. He's a good player. We need to keep him healthy and keep Manuel (White) healthy."

(On Havner's interception): "He actually does that all the time in practice. He has a knack for reading the short passes. He'll play between the two wide receivers, and he even fools us all the time. It was just a matter of time before he did it in a game."

"They were playing more of a run-oriented type of offensive formation with two tight ends. They played some no huddle two tight end formations and were able to run the ball when they knew we were in a seven man front. The team did rally in those fourth down situations, and when they went for it, our defense was able to respond. I'm very pleased. Our defense has made tremendous strides this week. Those fourth down stops were big."

San Diego State head coach Tom Craft
"We really got off to a slow start tonight. We didn't go out and run the ball like we did in the second half. Matt (Dlugolecki) made a couple of critical errors that set us back a bit, but we're not going to make any excuses. We came out a little bit late, and that's my fault. We got a little bit tired tonight."

"If there's a positive from tonight, I thought we worked into the game in the second half. Overall, I thought our defense played well at certain times. In the second half, we moved the ball well, we just couldn't convert."

(On UCLA): "They're a good team. They've got good balance and marvelous athletes. I think they're one of the better teams we've played. But it's when you play people. We had a little extra time to prepare for Michigan, and they had a little extra time to prepare for us."

(On Maurice Drew): "He definitely got our attention by what he did early. He is strong, physical, and has a low center of gravity. He's got great body control, and he spins out of tackles really well. I'm really impressed with what he can do. He's a great player."

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