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HEAD COACH Karl Dorrell:

on game in general...
There were plays that we thought were going to be momentum changes for us offensively. The fumble on the punt return (in the first half) turned out to be a big play for them (WSU) to score. Then the very next series, the mishandled snap on the punt ended up being another quick score for them.

When it was 14-6 and at a point where it seemed we were putting ourselves back in the football game, those were critical plays.

Our kids played hard.

We had too many penalties, too many turnovers. When you're already down a number of points, those combinations are hard to overcome.

We did a nice job preparing our kids for the game, we just had some unfortunate circumstances happen early. With the emotions as high as they were at the beginning of the game, as a team we weren't quite in rhythm yet. When we settled down by the end of the first quarter, I think we were thinking that we were in the game.

I'm disappointed and I'm sure our players are very disappointed. We are a better football team than what we showed today.

On turnovers...
Our kids fought through it, but it's a shame that we just didn't put a complete football game together.

Defense did a nice job on giving us some opportunities in the second half, we just couldn't capitalize on them.

We didn't do the jobs and take care of the ball like we needed to do.

On redzone struggles...
You have to come away with points when you're in the redzone. There were too many times when we were down in there and came up empty.

On WSU's running game...
We knew they were going to try to run the ball. They did a decent job of that.

We also try to run the ball. We try to balance by throwing the ball effectively. At times we showed signs of doing those things. We just do enough of those plays to keep us in the game.



On winning despite committing excessive turnovers in WSU's last two home games...
"That is seven turnovers twice and two wins. We can't keep surviving. We have to eliminate those things."

On changing the game plan with Josh Swogger at quarterback for the injured Kegel...
"We tried to simplify things a little bit and restrict the plays. He started off really well, avoided the rush, and got rid of the ball off. He made a couple of really nice throws and he made a couple of bad throws."

On responding after losing to USC...
"Our kids were ready. We came out strong and put 14 points on the board early. Then we kind of stalled again. I think they (UCLA) played a good game. They are a good football team. I think they are a little nicked up like we are."

On the improvement of the running game...
"We ran the ball better. Not as well as we would have liked to, yet. Jonathan Smith had a good ballgame."

On winning ugly...
"There are no ugly wins. It might have been a sloppy game, but there are no ugly wins. We are happy to win the game."

On Matt Kegel's status for next week...
"We will have to wait and see. Matt will be getting treatment tomorrow and we will know more then. We will prepare with Josh as our quarterback."

On Swogger's progression...
"He is starting to pick up the offense. We have to make sure we don't have a lot of checks. He has to understand what to check to. We have to simplify things a bit. Take out a few formations, but we won't have to do a whole lot."


On rebounding from the USC loss...
"We wanted to prove that we were one of the best defenses in the Pac-10, if not the best. We came out with some fire and started out the first half on a good note. That helped jumpstart our team."

On taking advantage of UCLA mistakes...
"We have some good athletes on our team that was able to capatilize on their mistakes. We have a veteran team and we look for turnovers. That's the thing that motivates this team and gets the crowd going."


On his spraining his right shoulder, the latest in a long line of recent injuries...
"I'm real sore right now, but if everything goes right, I should be ready to rock and roll by Wednesday."

On his feelings about sitting out of the game...
"It's hard for any player that is used to being in the mix to sit on the sidelines. I thought Josh came in a did a great job. He didn't do anything dumb or bad, or anything to give the game away. He is a great, young quarterback, maybe one of the best in the country."

On improving before Arizona State after a sloppy win...
"We have a two-game season and we can accomplish our goals we have set. We need to focus on Arizona State and find a way to get better. We have six days and a hell of a team behind me and we are going to get it done."


On why the running game worked against UCLA...
"Our offensive line was more focused. They got after it this time. Everybody was determined. The holes were big and I was able to get there faster. I was ready for it."

On fixing the problems in the running game...
"We knew that problem. We just needed to get it done. If you want to have a balanced offense, you have to have a running game."

On what his linemen said to him before the game...
"Josh Parrish and Calvin Armstrong came up to me before the game and said, 'Follow me the holes are going to be there.'"


On how he felt about his performance...
"I didn't do very well. We prepared a lot in practice for certain defenses and once Matt got hurt I think they started bringing a lot of pressure and it kind of threw me off. The line did a great job of run blocking. I made a couple of bad decisions, but hopefully I will play better in the future."

On his feelings about entering the game after Kegel's injury...
"I felt pretty good. They called plays that we practiced all week and there were a couple of times where I was trying to get away from the rush and made bad decisions. I also made some good decisions and did some good things."

On his first extended action since high school...
"This is the first extended playing time in about three years for me. I've got some action this year against Arizona and Stanford, but this is the first time that I have played almost three quarters. There is always room for improvement."

On the offensive line and the defense taking the pressure off of him...
"The line was blocking well and our defense came up big. Our defense was getting the ball back to us and we tried to take advantage of that."

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