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Q&A with Bruin Center Dan Gadzuric
By: UCLA Athletics
Dan Gadzuric has transformed greatly since last year. He has become one of the leading scorers and primary rebounder on this year's basketball squad. In effect, Gadzuric has become a Colossus. He stands guard against opponents one second, then dominates on offense the next, often throwing down a monster dunk. This year, Gadzuric is stepping to the helm as the leader of the Bruin front court. With his strength, ability and experience, the Bruins are in good hands for a successful season.

Why did you choose to attend UCLA?
I chose UCLA because when I came on the visit, I was impressed by what I saw and by the people that I met. I really liked the positive feeling that I got from my experience. It is a very good school and it has a great tradition. I'm very glad that I chose to come here.

In the past three years, in what ways have you matured and transformed as a player?
As a player, I have matured in my understanding of the game. Now, I think that I understand the game and my game better than I did as a freshman. Post moves and shooting-wise, I'm starting to move outside and increase my range offensively. Pretty much, the most important thing that I've learned has been a better understanding of the game.

With the absence of former Bruin Jerome Moiso, how has your role changed?
As a team, we have to come together more in order to fill in the gaps, offensively and rebounding, that his absence created. We miss him as a rebounder and as a person. He had a lot in his arsenal that we miss.

What are your goals for the season?
My primary goals are to win as many games as possible and to go all the way to the national championship. Personally, I want to improve as much as possible in order to contribute more to the team.

How do you get motivated for a game? Do you have any pre-game rituals?
I don't have any pre-game rituals. I approach each game by focusing as much as I can on what is ahead and what I need to do on the court to help us win.

As one of the veteran players, in what ways have you tried to help the younger players adjust to college basketball?
I try to explain different aspects of the game. And, I try to help them correct anything that they might be doing wrong. I'm trying to be a positive role model, but also show them how to have a good time and enjoy their college experience.

What are the strongest areas of your game?
The strongest areas of my game is still my physicality and strength. I like to be physical in the post, so I need to be strong down there. Along with that, I think that my hook shot and low perimeter shot are two of my strengths.

In what ways would you like to improve your play?
I'd like to extend my game to where I can go outside more with my shot, but I'm still working on mastering my inside game.

What do you hope to contribute to the team this year?
I want to give the team my best and my heart.

Do you look up to any professional basketball players?
I like the way Shaq plays. I want to emulate his strength and his moves.

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