UCLA Completes Strong Performances at San Diego Crew Classic

April 7, 2013

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SAN DIEGO - The UCLA women's rowing team concluded its second day at the San Diego Crew Classic on Sunday morning, recording two second-place finishes in five Grand Final races in Mission Bay.

UCLA's varsity eight crew finished fourth in the Grand Final (Jessop-Whittier Cup), posting a time of 6:30.25. The Bruins crossed the finish line less than five seconds behind first-place USC and within 2.5 seconds of second-place California and third-place Virginia.

The Bruins' second varsity eight finished fifth in its Grand Final race, logging a time of 6:39.03.

UCLA's varsity four and open eight crews each registered second-place finishes in Grand Final races. The varsity four crossed the finish line in 7:26.10, less than three seconds behind first-place USC (7:23.87). The open eight posted a final time of 7:11.53, finishing behind first-place California (6:52.40).

The Bruins' novice eight raced to a third-place finish in the Grand Final after having finished first in its preliminary heat on Saturday. In the Grand Final, UCLA logged a time of 7:05.42, crossing the finish line behind Washington and California, respectively.

UCLA returns to action at the Clemson Invitational on Saturday, April 20, in Clemson, S.C.

UCLA's Racing Results (Sunday, April 7)

Varsity Eight (Grand Final)
1. USC (6:25.30)
2. California (6:28.04)
3. Virginia (6:28.71)
4. UCLA (6:30.25)
5. Washington (6:33.33)
6. Duke (6:41.23)

Second Varsity Eight (Grand Final)
1. USC (6:32.41)
2. California (6:37.43)
3. Washington (6:38.04)
4. Virginia (6:38.88)
5. UCLA (6:39.03)
6. Wisconsin (6:45.31)

Varsity Four (Grand Final)
1. USC (7:23.87)
2. UCLA (7:26.10)
3. Washington (7:27.22)
4. Virginia (7:28.87)
5. Virginia `B' (7:30.38)
6. Washington State (7:35.10)
7. Duke (7:44.62)

Novice Eight (Grand Final)
1. Washington (6:54.80)
2. California (6:54.96)
3. UCLA (7:05.42)
4. Virginia (7:07.69)
5. Kansas State (7:10.14)
6. Minnesota `A' (7:10.79)

Open Eight (Grand Final)
1. California (6:52.40)
2. UCLA (7:11.53)
3. British Columbia (7:13.76)
4. Union BC (7:18.36)
5. Bates (7:34.58)
6. UC Irvine (8:07.24)

UCLA's Racing Lineups in San Diego
Varsity Eight: (stroke) Carolina Paini, (7) Natalie Pettee, (6) Britta Syverson, (5) Meaghan Volker, (4) Alice White, (3) Cathy Stolitzka, (2) Kate Miller, (bow) Erin Wenzel, (coxswain) Mia Hamano.

Second Varsity Eight: (stroke) Alex Caniglia, (7) Alexa Farafontoff, (6) Jessica McGuire, (5) Hillary Caldwell, (4) Kendal Mitchell, (3) Tamar Schaap, (2) Kirstin Snook, (bow) Allison Doran, (coxswain) Chloe Kojima.

Novice Eight: (stroke) Aleda Kawalek, (7) Marisa Iglesias, (6) Angela Chang, (5) Elisabeth Jensen, (4) Molly Schoenfeld, (3) Stephanie Florie, (2) Adela Lopez, (bow) Jillian Perih, (coxswain) Logan Warwick.

Open Eight: (stroke) Kristy Kayatta, (7) Christina Nelson, (6) Sarah Dierksen, (5) Cassie Ramirez, (4) Kyra Hendricks, (3) Maxine Tsang, (2) Joanna Fan, (bow) Jamie Swan, (coxswain) Paige Cheung.

Varsity Four: (stroke) Samantha Upton, (3) Christine Bragg, (2) Claire Wixted, (bow) Erica Lockard, (coxswain) Katie Shurtleff.

Second Varsity Four: (stroke) Victoria Babson, (3) Emma Murray, (2) Alexis McPhee, (bow) Victoria Vander Poel, (coxswain) Maddie Alden.

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