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UCLA-Texas NCAA Regional Final Post-Match Quotes
By: UCLA Athletics

Dec. 10, 2011

Recap |  Box Score

UCLA Head Coach Michael Sealy
Opening statement...
"We knew we had to play ball control to win. It's funny, my whole career talking to people we have wondered what the volleyball national team would be like if all the NBA players played. What would Kobe (Bryant) and LeBron (James) be like out there? If you want to see that just watch Texas volleyball, those girls are physical and just unbelievable. Friends were all telling me good luck and I've teased I have brought knives to a gun fight before, but this may feel like bringing a soup spoon to a gun fight. But we ball controlled, they played a great first set, they passed better and played better defense than we did and I thought we were going to be in for a short, quick evening. We steadied out and knew we had to earn single point at a time and not get too greedy and try to make big runs. Luckily, in that fourth set we had a very big run and jumped out to a big lead and we kind of needed that lead throughout."

On winning three straight sets to win the match...
"All weekend has been blank. I just haven't had any thoughts about winning in three or this or that could happen. It's literally been point by point, one play I caught myself staring at the scoreboard making sure I don't (focus on the score). I don't care if we are down by six or up by six we just have to play one point at a time. I've played in enough matches like this, when you get one game away from an amazing goal you want to rush through it. As soon as we went up 2-1, we went to the bench and there was just too much energy, the girls realized that we were just one set away from going to the Final Four and you could see them ready for that last sprint to the finish line and I had to bring them back and say it's not a sprint to the finish line, we have to be ready to play for two more hours and win each point."

On what is UCLA volleyball...
"This weekend, UCLA volleyball was composed, it was steady and it didn't ride the roller coaster. We just stayed very composed and steady the whole weekend."

On what is ahead in the tournament...
"I don't know, I've been really adamant about just one opponent at a time. I haven't looked at the brackets, I don't know who we are playing in that next bracket, someone will tell me that now and we'll get the video and we'll look at it. I just don't play that game. I've made that mistake getting too involved as a spectator. It just doesn't matter. It doesn't matter when I'm in the Pac-12 season what the Big 10 is doing. It's just one at a time."

#5 Lauren Van Orden, Senior, Setter
On the match...
"I thought the hitters did a great job moving it around. We came together as a unit and I thought it was a great job. We communicated well with each other. We were there supporting and mixing up shots and talking and it was great."

On remaining calm and confident during the match...
"I think this is further than any of us have gone and I think one of the main things we talked about is enjoying ourselves and having fun out there. We just weren't having fun the first set and we had nothing to lose, nobody expected us to win. We just went out there and played point for point and did the best we could having fun."

#11 Rachael Kidder, Junior, Outside Hitter
On her thoughts of the match...
"Tonight shows how well our team plays together. I don't think there is one person that doesn't have another person's back and I think tonight proved it. People were making moves that I have never seen them make before. We all just wanted it so bad and our heart definitely took it to the right place."

On receiving the most outstanding player award...
"I don't really have any [thoughts]. I definitely give Lauren (Van Orden) credit. I don't think I could've done anything without her. She constantly puts up a consistent ball and we're just on the same page. It feels good to have that, but I definitely don't think I did it by myself."

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