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UCLA vs. Oregon State - Postgame Quotes
By: UCLA Athletics

Nov. 6, 2010

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UCLA Kicker Kai Forbath
(On kicking the winning field goal): "I've always wanted one of those. With a couple games left in the Rose Bowl, it was a perfect opportunity to get one. We needed that win real bad. It is going to help our team's momentum and give us more confidence going into the next one."

(On missing the two earlier FGs): "It's tough missing, so I wanted another opportunity and I wasn't sure if I was going to get one. When it looked like I was going to, I just had to completely forget about the miss and only think about making the next one. So that's what I did when I went in there."

(On if he wanted to kick a 65-yard FG) "We were going to try wherever we were. I can't say that I wanted to kick a 65-yarder. Luckily, we got that one second back and that was all we needed. I just focused on my technique. On the one I missed, there was a little problem with the snap and hold, but I can't blame them for that miss. It is always an emotional win when it comes down to a last-second kick. The only way to be consistent is to try and hit it the same way every single time." (On the earlier miss from 45 yards) "There was a little problem with the snap and hold. I can't blame them for the miss. I just stuttered a little on the step because the hold wasn't there yet."

UCLA Head Coach Rick Neuheisel
(Opening statement): "Death, taxes and Forbath, those are the three things in life you can count on. Congratulations to Oregon State, I know they are very disappointed with a loss in such a fashion, but they are a very good football team. Mike Riley is a good a guy as there is in this profession and obviously they are very well coached. It is a great win for us, given what we've been through over the last month and to rise up and play at least well enough to enjoy a victory in this fashion is very exciting for all of us involved in the program. Hopefully it will be a great catalyst as we try to earn our way in to postseason. We will look at the tape and see lots of things we can fix and see things young teams have to be able to do, especially in the next two ballgames where we go on the road. But this is a sweet win for a bunch of guys who have been down for a little bit. So I'm excited for them and we'll get their attention again on Tuesday."

(On the offense getting conservative in the second half): "When the running game is going with the commitment we have made to this offense, it is difficult to get away from it because it isn't an offense that churns it out in big chunks. It is an offense that pounds it and so to stay ahead of it, you get caught up in a slug it out mentality. Another thing that happens is when you have a young quarterback, you don't want to put a lot on his shoulders. We had the sack on the previous drive that took us out of field goal range."

(On how well the defense played): "I take my hat off to our defense. I thought they were spectacular. It was as good as they've played since the Texas game and hopefully something we can really build on."

Oregon State Head Coach Mike Riley
"They made some good plays in the game. They kept the ball for long periods of time. They made the plays that they had to win. They made a spectacular kick at the end. What I worried about was their ability to run the ball in the pistol and execute like they did and control the football. They did a good job of it. We did not respond at all regularly enough for sure. When you are playing against the pistol, they can make you look like you aren't prepared. I think the best way to describe it is that we didn't do a good job on it."

"It was a very rough night for our offense. There were some big penalties in the game. One of them gave them points. I think they scored a touchdown. And the other one, we had just had a good first down run and we were in pretty good shape and then the ball moved way back and we never capitalized and moved back into scoring territory."

(On the one second being added back on the clock at the end): "Well, it was close. It was smart by Rick to challenge it because he had the timeouts available so he did it. For us, it was just wait there and see what was going to happen. I know that (Kai Forbath) is a great kicker, and we were fortunate that he missed the ones that he had already."

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