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Utah at UCLA - Postgame Quotes
By: UCLA Athletics

Oct. 13, 2012

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Postgame Quotes
UCLA 21, Utah 14
October 13, 2012 - Rose Bowl

UCLA head coach Jim Mora

opening remarks
"That was a hard-fought game against a conference and division opponent. We needed a tough game like that. Games like that build character. I'm proud of the way our guys bounced back from a tough loss last week. We had a great week of practice. Our guys came today and played a really good game against a really physical team. We matched them hit for hit and were fortunate to get a win there. Utah is a good football team and that's a game that we needed."

on Utah's late touchdown in the fourth quarter
"I was happy with the last play where we got of the field. But that final touchdown drive was disappointing. You would like to be able to end it when you have played as well as you have. But you have to give the other team credit for making plays. They fought hard. What we'll do is go back and look at the film and correct any errors. We have to impress upon our young men how important it is to stay strong the entire game. Our team is still developing, even though we are seven games in. Games like that can be great lessons for you."

on UCLA's special teams miscues
"[Utah punter Sean Sellwood] That guy just bombed that thing. Stephen [Manfro] was looking right up into the sun and made an error in judgment. It's a tough catch that he shouldn't have tried to make. With the last punt, you let the official blow the whistle and you wish that hadn't have happened. It gave us a chance to teach off of it and defend that fast break play at the end of the game. You try to eliminate them, but learn from them if they happen."

on quarterback Brett Hundley
"Today he made a major step, in my mind, in terms of demonstrating his mobility as a quarterback. All of us at practice have seen that a lot. He tucked it and ran when he saw an opportunity to do that. That will make him more of a threat to do that. Having a defensive background, it's tough when you have to defend throwing the ball and running the ball himself. It's got to be appropriate. He did it at the right times."

on Utah's defense
"I thought in the first half, they did a good job as well. We broke that long one. If you take that play out, there were some tough series in there for us. You have to recognize that that's a tough defensive football team. Like I said, I don't want to use youth as an excuse, but sometimes that's a reason for drives stalling. We have to push through it. We can't lean on it as a crutch."

on UCLA's fourth-and-one situation in the red zone
"I looked out at Jeff Baca, and he gave me one of those looks that offensive linemen do. I was going for it the whole way because we were having success on that drive. We got a first down and converted it for a score and I knew that would help us down the line."

on not accruing impressive statistical totals
"I think these games are important. It may be not beautiful and not great stats, but there is something to winning these gut-grinders, these tough ones. When you are trying to develop teams and pull it out and win - it's about learning and getting opportunities. Not every game is going to be a blowout. You have to learn how to win these."

on Jordan Zumwalt
"It's hard for me to tell without looking at the film. Things happen so fast. I didn't notice any glaring errors or any great plays. It's something that he has done before. He feels comfortable in there. I'll tell you after I look at the film, from play to play."

on using Johnathan Franklin during long drives
"You like to have the ball in his hands. He doesn't go down easy. He fights for extra yards and takes great pride in getting the ball in those times. His intensity, his heart, his spirit - the way he runs - your team just feeds off that, especially with a guy like Johnathan. Everybody knows that he was in this game very beat up. He didn't do a lot in practice this week as he was very beat up. You have to respect the kid."

on any concerted effort to utilize Hundley or Franklin
"We just play the game. We just play the game and Noel [Mazzone] just dials up plays, and we like to have Johnathan in there. We like to have it in his hands, but we just play the game. We'll rotate the backs and receivers through. Today, we were a little slower on tempo because we were trying to be more methodical. We just called the offense."

Utah head coach Kyle Whittingham

opening statement
"Obviously we came up short. The guys played hard again and this team has no shortage of effort or toughness. We've got a bunch of tough guys that fight for the full 60 minutes. However, we have to play smarter at times and have to be more productive."

on Utah's defense
"Defensively, I thought we played well. We came off of coverage one time and gave them an easy touchdown early in the game. But we settled in and played a very good back decently. We missed a lot of tackles, but a lot of that is a credit to their athleticism in the open field. They've got some guys that are very good athletically and they're going to make you miss some tackles. Overall, I thought we played pretty well on defense. We gave them a few too many third downs and let their quarterback out of the cage a few times, but the secondary, defensive line and backers all played hard for 60 minutes."

on Utah's offense
"Offensively, it's no secret that we have to get better. You're not going to win many football games scoring one touchdown. We have to do a better job on offense."

on quarterback Travis Wilson
"I thought Travis did some good things, even though the production was not near where it needs to be. I thought he grew in this game and showed some progress. He's a confident kid. There was no deer in the headlights look at any point in the game with him."

on UCLA's Brett Hundley
"He's elusive, but we made him appear more elusive than he really is because we were not disciplined in our pass rush lanes. We have to maintain leverage and maintain spacing, and we didn't do that enough of the time. We have to be more disciplined in the pass rush. The pass rush was good as far as not letting him get comfortable back there, but we did a very poor job with his escaping out of the pocket."

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