Diario In Italia - Jenny Huth

Aug. 22, 2011

Photo Gallery - Florence

Since arriving in Italy we have had a plethora of experiences. Obviously, the sights are absolutely beautiful. So far, one of my favorite mornings was waking up before the city of Rome awakes. JD, Pam and I toured and got lost by running and exploring. It is so great to see how the European lifestyle is different than life in the U.S. and Los Angeles. It is very obvious that the Europeans love to eat, but they take their time and they enjoy the company and savor every bite. There is no Starbucks in Italy, and I must admit, I do not necessarily miss it; Italian coffee is supreme! There is so much history in this country, and I admire their pride in the rich tradition, architecture and sculptures.

So far the time here has been enriching. The staff is having a blast getting to know one another, the culture is priceless to learn about, the players are soaking up Art and World History in 3D, and we are getting some basketball in as well. The gelato is excellent, and the variety of flavors gives us all a chance to find something we love. Our tour guides bring culture and comedy and make sure we are always in tune to what is in our midst. Rob has traveled with us thus far, and he is an Englishman living in Greece who speaks Italian ... quite an impressive language and knowledge base!!

Today in Florence we had a quick trip, but we were able to see the replica of the statue of David, shop our little hearts out, eat more great Italian food and bargain with the locals. The leather is wonderful, so I decided to take advantage and purchase some leather shoes. Our team was in heaven; Florence was mixed with great culture and shopping until our hearts were content.

Now we are off to Venice and another adventure and memory-filled day!

Buona Notte!

Jenny Huth

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