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UCLA-San Jose State Postgame Quotes
By: UCLA Athletics

Sept. 10, 2011

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UCLA head coach Rick Neuheisel
"We're excited about our first win of the 2011 season. It was tougher than maybe we had hoped, but you have to give a lot of credit to San Jose State. They played very well, especially in front. We weren't good enough early in the game on third downs to keep ourselves on the field. But we didn't blink, and we found ways to secure a win in the end. Defensively we saw some real improvement from week one. At the end of the game, we started to fly around and make plays. As wins go, it wasn't pretty, but it was better than the alternative. I'm excited about going back to work. We're going to work hard to improve this week and hope to play a good game against the University of Texas."

(on the long touchdown run by San Jose State): "We took a gamble on 3rd and 1, and that was probably a mistake as they hit the gap and scored a long touchdown run, but these are things we can fix and fortunately we can fix those with a victory under our belt.

"San Jose State pounded the box, and he had to get up there to make plays. For some reason, we weren't capitalizing on throws. A week ago, we had a high proficiency on throws. We've got to be a much better team throwing the ball than we were today."

(On why Derrick Coleman was more effective than Johnathan Franklin): "I think it was heavy in there. There were a lot of safeties in the box. There were two interference calls, one on a big play to Nelson (Rosario). A bigger guy is able to carry his pads with more force. That's why Derrick was so important to today's win. We found a niche where we were able to be physical, and we found a way to be physical. When we had to carry our pads with leverage, we moved the pile and took the game to them."

(On UCLA's quarterback play): "Tonight we were not as good as we were on week one. Judging just off my initial reaction, and I have to look at tape to be fair, but in terms of being tough and managing the game and getting us to checks, I thought he (Richard Brehaut) did a pretty good job."

(Asked if UCLA took a step back in a win): "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I'm sure many of you are going to say just that. We had a chance to blink, and we didn't. We found a way to play well when he had to. We're going to take away something from that and learn to play that way earlier in ballgames. The psychology of football is difficult to put a finger on, but I think if we can come back with the right attitude from practice, then we'll improve."

(On Kip Smith): "You have to believe in people, give them confidence and let them know you're absolutely behind them, and let them know that inside them lands the talent that caused you to recruit them. Just get that out and celebrate it. That's what Kip did, and it was neat to see the kids congratulate him in the locker room."

(Asked if he was disappointed in the crowd): "I never get disappointed at people who come to a game. Our job is to get more to come, but the ones who come we love and appreciate them and look forward to them coming next week."

San Jose State Quotes - Head Coach Mike MacIntyre
I thought it was a good football game. UCLA played well. We were right in it and had a couple miscues there at the end and we had a chance. Our kids played hard. I was proud of the way we ran the football. I've been saying we could run it and we finally ran it well. I was proud of the way that Das (Dasmen Stewart) and Blake (Jurich) played. Das got cramps and that hurt him a little bit.

(on when they found out starting QB Matt Faulkner couldn't play) We found out on Thursday. He had a little bit of a concussion and with all the new tests and everything that we do, he didn't pass the test on Thursday and that meant he was out on Saturday.

(did starting Dasmen Stewart change the offense) A little bit because he has some strengths that he likes to do. Matt has some strengths too. It changed it a little bit.

(on a potential quarterback controversy) He (Stewart) did really well. It was a shame that he got cramps. We had a play down the middle and he was cramping up and he couldn't follow thru. That was a completion that fell a little short on a fourth-down play that would have gained 25 yards. We just have to make sure he stays hydrated better. He managed the game well. I like the way he ran the football. He made some good runs on some passing plays where he got the first down. That was critical for us.

(Faulkner's role on the sidelines) He was relaying the plays and helping Das and Blake with everything. He did a great job there.

(on overall effort) We didn't make any bonehead mistakes or give them any points until the very end. We improved in our kicking game coverage. Our offensive line was physical. They blocked better. We ran better. Our defensive line was more physical. UCLA wore us down a little bit, but it was a good hard-nosed football game. I'd say we wore them down a little bit at times. It was a good football game. Our team showed some resilience coming off last week's game.

(Brandon Rutley's touchdown run) That was pretty, wasn't it? I like seeing that when they can't catch them from behind. That was a great run and some great blocking by our line. He hit the hole and he hit it hard and he was off to the races.

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