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What They're Saying About Jim Mora
By: UCLA Athletics

Dec. 13, 2011

RANDY CROSS, CBS Sports Network Analyst UCLA All-America and College Football Hall of Fame Offensive Lineman, Super Bowl Champion
"I've known Jim Mora since my days in Westwood when his Dad was an assistant coach. Jim brings an energy and love for life and football that I believe will be infectious, will make him a force in recruiting and will be reflected by his football team. The Bruins' renewed commitment to football is in its infancy and I look forward to the coming months as Coach Mora's football Bruins begin to take shape.

"The new Pac-12 will be college football's fastest-paced and wide-open conference offensively while continuing its rich history of defensive excellence and a demand for dominance at the line of scrimmage. Getting UCLA to the top of the Pac-12 will mean leaps of improvement in all those areas. In a nutshell, that is the challenge facing Coach Mora and his new staff, a challenge I believe he is the man to face."

TERRY DONAHUE, UCLA Head Football Coach, 1976-95, College Football Hall of Fame, Worked with Jim Mora at San Francisco 49ers
"Jim Mora is an outstanding football coach. He possesses a great work ethic and a very sound understanding of fundamentals and strategy, and he brings a strong background of success to the job. His energy level and ability to motivate players will serve him well in his new position as UCLA's head coach. With as many people as Jim knows, and as well liked as he is, he will put together a strong teaching staff of assistant coaches. Jim is a very personable guy and a fired-up coach. I am happy for him and wish him well at UCLA."

MARSHALL FAULK, NFL Hall of Fame running back who worked with Jim Mora at NFL Network
"Jim will do UCLA well. Not only have I worked with him but I have played against teams that he has coordinated and coached. He cares about his players on and off the field and that is the embodiment of what UCLA Athletics is all about."

MATT HASSELBECK, NFL quarterback, who played for Jim Mora in Seattle
"The hiring of coach Mora is a really good addition for UCLA. He was a lot of fun to play for and brings tons of energy to practice. Having played both for and against him, I have a great deal of respect for Jim as a coach. Although he has a defensive coaching background, he has a great understanding of the quarterback position and what it takes to be successful. I look forward to watching UCLA next season."

SEAN HOWARD, UCLA linebacker in late 1980s, worked with Jim Mora at San Francisco 49ers, currently Senior Client Manager at Octagon Sports - Football
"Having worked with Jim Mora while I was a young personnel assistant at the San Francisco 49ers under Terry Donahue, I can say that his competitiveness, tenacity, energy and ability to connect with players will be influential right away. Jim's football acumen and general philosophy to "stay aggressive" will apply to both sides of the ball. His character, as well as his extensive NFL background, will appeal to today's recruits as well as to their parents. Remember that Jim has over 25 years experience in the evaluation and advising of athletes from all walks of life and regions throughout the country and I believe that will be a tremendous asset in recruiting."

LAWYER MILLOY, NFL safety, who played for Jim Mora in Atlanta and Seattle
"First and foremost, it is evident that Coach Mora comes from a football family. He knows the X's and O's as well as any coach in the business. He wants to win games as much as his players and would suit up and get out there if he could. His enthusiasm and energy are second to none. He will do a great job for UCLA at developing the players into great football players but also young men, which is so important these days. He has the morals and values needed to succeed at both of those things, and to jumpstart the program there."

RON PITTS, UCLA defensive back in 1981-84, NFL Play by Play Announcer for FOX (Jim Mora's partner this season)
"I have known Jim Mora for 20 years - from battling against each other in college (Washington v. UCLA, circa 1981-82) to talking game plans in pre-game warm-ups when Jim was the secondary coach for the San Diego Chargers and I was just getting started as a FOX broadcaster.

"Some people know the game, some people grow up in the game - Jim Mora has done both. You don't take an NFL team to the championship game as a rookie head coach unless you've got something special. Like me, Jim has grown up in this business. He knows X's and O's and he knows talent. He also knows every coach in the Pac-12 like the back of his hand. UCLA hasn't seen this kind of energy and attitude in a long time. Jim Mora is a perfect fit at the perfect time for UCLA. "

DEION SANDERS, NFL Hall of Fame cornerback who worked with Jim Mora at NFL Network
"Jim will have great success at UCLA because he is a smart coach and players will gravitate to his personality. He's an innovative play caller and understands the great tradition of the Pac-12 Conference."

ROD WOODSON, NFL Hall of Fame safety who played with San Francisco when Jim Mora was Defensive Coordinator
"Jim Mora is an outstanding football coach, who, thanks to his father being a coach in the league, truly grew up in the NFL. He is a great coach and a great teacher ... all great coaches are great teachers. When he was my coach with the 49ers, I certainly learned a lot from him, and I'm very thankful."

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