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UCLA-Penn State NCAA Regional Semifinal Post-Match Quotes
By: UCLA Athletics

Dec. 9, 2011

Box Score

UCLA Head Coach Michael Sealy
Opening statement...
"It's great for us. I was telling the girls going into the match that the key was ball control. They are a physical team. We were really concerned about (Micha) Hancock's jump serves. I've seen video of her just rattling off points and she actually just scored one real point all night, when we called a timeout and she used the jump float. We took the most impressive weapon I've seen all year and our passers really neutralized that with the ball control."

On the key to their victory...
"I think the biggest thing was that we were able to get the matchups we wanted. Volleyball is a very unique sport in the sense that I can choose to start six different rotations. It's not like in basketball where you say, `Hey you just got beat four times pick up this guy now.' I knew that with her lefty jump serve they were always going to start her as one of the first serves so we're able to spin our dial and put Rachael (Kidder) on (Ariel) Scott and get better matchups. If we had a poor matchup tonight it could have been an 0-3 loss, easy."

On preparation for the next game...
"For the players it will be a lot of sleep and relaxation. Our staff has to watch this next game like cramming for a final. We have to look at these two teams and put together a scouting report."

On if he expected to win 3-0...
"I just didn't think about it. That was the one thing. Of course I am a coach so I am a professional worrier. It was just a quiet presence, we were just kind of in the zone. Even with our travel agent back at UCLA, of course they don't want to talk to you about if you lose and you have to leave early and start talking about flights. I remember looking at that text. It was just this numb, quiet place."

#2 Kelly Reeves, Sophomore, Outside Hitter
On her thoughts of the match...
"First of all Penn State is a great team so give them credit, but we executed well tonight. We were just calm and having fun out there. We were just playing volleyball. It was a great match and we had fun. It was a good win for us."

#11 Rachael Kidder, Junior, Outside Hitter
On her thoughts of the match...
"I think that game proves how much of a team sport this is. We definitely had each others' backs the whole time. We knew we were going to get blocked a lot. Those girls are very big, but we covered each other very well. Our passers controlled all of their serves well and made it easy for our front row."

On putting an end to Penn State's four-year run...
"It feels nice. We aren't going to focus on that too much, but we definitely talked about how cool it would be to be the ones who finally put an end to their run. It feels good."

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