Bruin Tennis Teams in Action This Week

Jan. 11, 2011

LOS ANGLEES - Members of the UCLA men's and women's tennis teams will take the courts for the first time in 2011 this week, as players are scheduled to travel to three different West Coast tournaments beginning this Friday.

Eight members of UCLA men's team will be at the Sherwood Collegiate Cup in Thousand Oaks, Calif. Those players are: Adrien Puget, Daniel Kosakowski, Clay Thompson, Amit Inbar, Holden Seguso, Maxime Tabatruong, Evan Lee and Jeff Gast. The tournament features a 32-player singles draw and a 16-team doubles draw. The three other schools sending players to Sherwood are defending NCAA Champion USC, Baylor and Stanford.

Just two players, Warren Hardie and Alex Brigham, are headed to the National Collegiate Tennis Classic in Palm Desert, Calif.

The UCLA women will be split between the National Collegiate Tennis Classic and the Freeman Memorial Championships in Las Vegas, Nev. Heading to the NCTC will be Pamela Montez, Courtney Dolehide, Andrea Remynse and Carling Seguso. McCall Jones, Noelle Hickey and Maya Johansson are headed to Las Vegas. USC, North Carolina, Florida and Stanford are just a few of the other teams that will be competing in Las Vegas.

Please check for updates at the end of each day.

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