How do I......
Cancel a camp?
Transfer my camper from one camp to another?
Change my camper's roommate preference?

"What kind of camps do you offer, and when?"
We have sports camps for all NCAA sponsored varsity sports. Most of our camps take place during the summer months, but we do also have clinic and academy programs that take place over winter break, and even year round.

"Who may attend your camps?"
Camps are open to any and all registrants, limited only by gender, age and/or grade, and the capacity specific to each camp.

"What is a day camp?
Day Camps are for younger campers, and occur over a 3- or 4-day period, typically from 9:00AM-3:00PM. Some camps offer extended hours, like Baseball and Boys Basketball that provide supervision until 4:30PM; and the Tennis camp day camps run from 8:45AM-5:00PM.

"What is an overnight camp?"
Overnight camps are aimed at older campers, and offer overnight accommodations as well camp instruction. 'Resident' campers sleep in the dorms, and all meals are provided in the award-winning UCLA residential restaurants. 'Commuter' prices also include meals during camp hours (usually lunch and dinner), but campers do not sleep in the dorms - they are dropped-off and picked-up at the beginning and end of each day.

"Does Resident mean California residents?"
No. Resident refers only to the overnight status during camp. Residents sleep in the dorms, commuters do not.

"Where are the camps located?"
All camps are held on the UCLA campus athletic facilities, with the exception of Baseball and Rowing. Baseball Camp takes place at UCLA's Jackie Robinson Stadium, about 1 mile west of campus, and the Rowing Camp takes place at UCLA's Marine Aquatic Center, 10 miles south in Marina del Rey. Please refer to each camp's page.

"Do you offer any discounts?"
The only discounts we offer is a $25 discount per camper, per session* to members of the following groups:

  • UCLA Alumni Association
  • UCLA Faculty
  • UCLA Staff
  • Chancellor's Associates
  • Wooden Athletic Fund
  • Bruin Varsity Club
  • Bruin Kids Club
  • UCLA Rec Card Holders

The account holder/person paying for the camp must be the one with the membership. *This does not apply to every camp (e.g. each of the football camps under $100).

"What dorm are the overnight campers staying in?"
Most camps utilize the Hedrick residence hall that has a combination of double-and triple-occupancy rooms and shared community restrooms (separated by gender). Some select camps utilize the residential summits or even suites, with private or shared restrooms.

"Are meals included?"

For overnight camps, yes meals are included. Resident campers have all meals included, whereas the Commuter cost includes those meals during camp hours (usually lunch and dinner.) For Day Campers: no, with the exceptions of Tennis Camps. All other Day Campers should bring a sack lunch from home. Baseball campers also have the option of purchasing a lunch from the snack bar each day.

"Where do I park?"
When you drop-off or pick-up your camper, please follow the directions to the appropriate parking lot in your Camp Details email. There is a 30-minute parking pass on the website that you must print, good for the duration of the camp during drop-off and pick-up times in valid lots only. If you wish to stay and watch some of the camp activities, or if your stay exceeds 30 mintues for any reason, you must purchase a parking pass (for $12) at one of the campus parking kiosks. Do not park without a permit - you will get a ticket!

"My camper can't attend all of the camp. Will you pro-rate the cost?"
Pro-rated camp fees are available upon request, but only for camps that DO NOT fill-up.

"How do I cancel a camp?"
All cancellation requests must be made in writing. You can email the Camp Office at camps@athletics.ucla.edu to request a cancellation. All cancellations will be subject to the stated "CANCELLATION/REFUND/TRANSFER POLICY" listed on the respective sport's camp page. Please include the name of the camper and the camp that you are cancelling.

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