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Post-Meet Quotes, Super Six: Valorie Kondos Field
By: UCLA Athletics

April 20, 2013

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(Oh her thoughts after the team's fourth-place finish)
"I actually feel really good. The fact that we were even in it at all is just remarkable. I say it over and over and over again this is the little team that could. Yesterday when I was asked how I was feeling, I said we did great. We've been pushing that envelope. Even the last few weeks of season when we should have been cutting back and letting them rest, we couldn't. We had to get better. It's just remarkable; absolutely remarkable."

(On Vanessa Zamarripa's last vault):
"She's in there right now and she's just sobbing. The problem is she doesn't know that happened. She's in a state of shock. But what I was about to tell the team and what I told her as well is that your gymnastics doesn't define you. And that vault doesn't define you. It's just like if Kobe Bryant was in a playoff game and he misses a free throw to win the game; that free throw doesn't define him."

"Emotionally, physically, mentally, we are spent. We left it all on the floor. As a coach, I could not ask more from them."

(On the team's mindset):
"We just made a real concerted effort to stay in the Bruin bubble, and it's been an interesting conundrum to really embrace the fact that we're here and we're at the big dance and we're at the Super Six, and not to sell ourselves short by saying 'Well, let's just be happy to compete.' We want to try and go win this thing ... and we did (accomplish that)."

(On the team's chances next year):
"Peng-Peng (Lee), Sam (Peszek), and Mattie (Larson) are three of the best gymnasts in the world. We'll miss Vanessa obviously, but not only will we be gaining athleticism, we'll be gaining some real strong personalities on the floor."

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