No. 7 UCLA Rowing Finishes Fourth at Pac-12 Championships

May 19, 2013

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LAKE NATOMA, Calif. - The No. 7-ranked UCLA women's rowing team finished fourth out of seven teams at Pac-12 Championships on Sunday morning at the Sacramento State Aquatic Center.

UCLA's varsity four crew posted the Bruins' best result with a second-place finish in the second women's race of the morning. The second-place finish marks UCLA's strongest result in any varsity "grand final" equivalent race since the 2006 second varsity eight crew finished second.

"Today's Pac-12 Championships saw a great effort from all of UCLA's crews," head coach Amy Fuller Kearney said. "The opportunity to race in this conference helps us gain valuable experience for the NCAA Championships in two weeks. The performance of our varsity four today was very impressive. The varsity eight and second varsity eight had good races, but are ready to work hard to find more speed in the next couple of weeks."

UCLA's varsity eight, second varsity eight and novice eight boats each finished fourth. The varsity eight posted a time of 6:47.30, trailing USC, Washington and California, respectively. UCLA crossed the finish line ahead of Stanford by 0.90 seconds and also bested Washington State and Oregon State.

The Bruins' second varsity eight registered a time of 6:54.80, crossing the finish line just 1.60 seconds after third place Washington (6:53.20). California and USC finished first and second, respectively, in the second varsity eight race.

UCLA's varsity four crew finished second with a time of 7:26.70. California won the race, crossing the finish line in 7:23.80. The Bruins' time was 4.4 seconds ahead of third place Washington (7:31.10).

The novice eight's fourth-place finish came in 7:12.00, one second ahead of fifth place USC. UCLA also crossed the finish line ahead of Oregon State and Stanford. Washington won the novice eight race with a time of 6:57.00, while California and Washington State finished second and third, respectively.

The final standings are determined by a point system, with the varsity eight performances earning a higher point total than the second varsity eight, varsity four and novice eight crews. UCLA earned 12 points in the varsity eight race, eight in the second varsity eight, six in the varsity four and two points in the novice eight.

The NCAA Championship field will be unveiled on Tuesday, May 21, at 2 p.m. (PT) on the NCAA Division I selection show at

Final Standings (total points)
1. California (39)
2. USC (37.5)
3. Washington (36.5)
4. UCLA (28)
5. Stanford (17.5)
6. Washington State (16.5)
7. Oregon State (7)

Varsity Eight
1. USC - 6:37.80
2. Washington - 6:42.10
3. California - 6:44.70
4. UCLA - 6:47.30
5. Stanford - 6:48.20
6. Washington State - 6:51.10
7. Oregon State - 7:01.30

Second Varsity Eight
1. California - 6:47.70
2. USC - 6:51.20
3. Washington - 6:53.20
4. UCLA - 6:54.80
5. Stanford - 6:58.70
6. Washington State - 6:59.60
7. Oregon State - 7:03.70

Varsity Four
1. California - 7:23.80
2. UCLA - 7:26.70
3. Washington - 7:31.10
4. Washington State - 7:34.50
5. USC - 7:34.60
6. Stanford - 7:40.20
7. Oregon State - 7:41.90

Novice Eight
1. Washington - 6:57.00
2. California - 7:04.10
3. Washington State - 7:05.50
4. UCLA - 7:12.00
5. USC - 7:13.00
6. Oregon State - 7:14.30
7. Stanford - 7:18.00

UCLA's Racing Lineups

Varsity Eight: (stroke) Natalie Pettee, (7) Britta Syverson, (6) Meaghan Volker, (5) Alice White, (4) Cathy Stolitzka, (3) Alex Caniglia, (2) Erin Wenzel, (bow) Kate Miller, (coxswain) Mia Hamano.

Second Varsity Eight: (stroke) Carolina Paini, (7) Alexa Farafontoff, (6) Claire Wixted, (5) Hillary Caldwell, (4) Kendal Mitchell, (3) Nicole Sung-Jereczek, (2) Kirsten Snook, (bow) Tamar Schaap, (coxswain) Chloe Kojima.

Varsity Four: (stroke) Samantha Upton, (3) Christine Bragg, (2) Jessica McGuire, (bow) Erica Lockard, (coxswain) Katie Shurtleff.

Novice Eight: (stroke) Elisabeth Jensen, (7) Molly Schoenfeld, (6) Marisa Iglesias, (5) Aleda Kawalek, (4) Jillian Perih, (3) Maxine Tsang, (2) Stephanie Florie, (bow) Angela Chang, (coxswain) Logan Warwick.

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