2016 NFL Draft
October 12, 2013
Pasadena, Calif. – Rose Bowl

Postgame Quotes
UCLA head coach Jim Mora

opening statement
“It was great to come back and get a win, especially coming off what happened up there last year. We’ve improved to 5-0 and we were starting six true freshmen. Brett [Hundley] threw the ball very well, and that was the third-highest passing game in UCLA history but he missed some throws. Our defense played outstanding against an explosive offense. That was fantastic. And in the second half, I wanted to decide at halftime how to address the penalties. Should I go off, or should I ignore it? I decided to ignore it and we only had one, so I guess that is a positive. We struggled versus the run because they packed the box. But then we threw for 410 yards, so I’m proud of our offense for adjusting. Alex [Redmond] and Caleb [Benenoch] did an outstanding job. We need to be able to score touchdowns in the red zone. We need to get touchdowns rather than field goals, but when you beat another Pac-12 team, you take that and you run with it. We are excited about that win. We are excited about next Saturday when we travel up to Palo Alto to play Stanford.”

on Cal’s defense and UCLA’s passing game
“Pressure. When there is pressure and they weren’t necessarily getting a guy out there fast enough we’d keep slinging it out there. It was a great game plan from Noel [Mazzone] and a great job from Brett [Hundley]. It was good stuff, really good stuff.”

on UCLA’s upcoming game at Stanford
“I think you have to be careful when you make it about redemption. Then you start to get emotional. It has to be about us. We have goals and expectations. We want to play with emotion but not be emotional. They beat us twice last year [including] in the Pac-12 Championship game. When those things become a factor, I think you are making a mistake. Stanford is an outstanding football team.”

on whether he received an explanation about Cassius Marsh being ejected
“No, I didn’t. They were baiting him and he took the bait. I did not see it. There was a punch thrown. The Pac-12 has a review system, so we’ll see what they’ll say.”

on Brett Hundley struggling in the red zone
“He missed a few, but the guy passed for 410 yards. That’s the third-highest single-game total in UCLA history, so I’m going to focus on that. You want to focus on the missed throws in the red zone, you go ahead and focus on that."

California head coach Sonny Dykes

on UCLA quarterback Brett Hundley
“He’s a good player. When we got pressure, he did a good job of eluding that pressure and keeping the plays alive. He’s a good quarterback and a mobile guy. He does a good job of extending plays and I thought we pressured him pretty well, but unfortunately he broke a tackle or broke containment and when he did that he made plays down the field. He’s a good player with a good group of receivers and we have to do a better job of containing him. He completed a high percentage of his throws as well and we didn’t tackle well enough in the open field when he did make those throws.”

on the team’s poor tackling
“I thought we started to tackle better later in the game but it’s been a problem for us all year. It’s something that we haven’t been good at. We just didn’t do a very good job of making those open field tackles, particularly early in the game. I thought defensively we played well enough at times to give us a chance to win. There’s obviously a lot of ways for us to get better, but I thought defensively those guys improved.”

on running back Khalfani Muhammad
“I thought he ran the ball well. He ran hard and we finally got a little bit of production out of the run game. At times it was a little bit spotty and we did a horrible job on third down. Third down was an issue that we were not good on at all tonight. We also had too many penalties. When we got something good going we would look up and be in first and 20 again. When you have a pass rush like UCLA’s you have to avoid being in long-yard situations. We had far too many of those tonight.”

on California’s youth and inexperience
“We’re learning. That’s the thing. We’re a team that hasn’t put a solid football game together all year. As I said earlier, I thought defensively we played well enough to have a chance to win the ballgame, but offensively we just struggled to execute basic plays. UCLA runs well defensively. That’s their strength. They can run and are playing with a tremendous amount of confidence. They tackle well in the open field and they’ve got a good defensive football team.”


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