Postgame Quotes - NCAA Finals
By: UCLA Athletics

Postgame Press Conference Quotes
December 8, 2013

UCLA Head Coach Amanda Cromwell

Opening statement:
“Wow, what a great game. I can’t say enough about the team and their resolve and resilience. We played so well. And Florida State: (an) organized team that is always dangerous on the counter, long throw-ins and corner kicks. We knew they were a team that always fights and scraps, and they’ve scored so many goals after the eightieth minute, that was in my mind as they had a couple long throw-ins there. This girl next to me (Katelyn Rowland) came out and snagged a few. These guys (Sam Mewis and the backline) were winning head-balls and second-balls. It was a grind it out game. It really was. Kodi (Lavrusky’s) goal in overtime was phenomenal. The timing of the run and the ball, and the first-time finish. I couldn’t be happier.”

On how she prepared the team for the bad weather and the field conditions:
“We prepared just kind of as normal as we could. We actually didn’t train yesterday because it was so nasty out. We put so much effort into winning that Friday game. We did a pull recovery and stretch with our strength coach, Coach (Mike) Linn, who does a great job with the girls and made sure our (athletic) trainer Max (Bertman) was involved with the girls as well. He did massages and those kind of things. So really that was the preparation with the scouts and the video. The first time out here with the slick grass was in warm-ups, but we had a cold game against UNC, so it wasn’t so much the cold, but the wet we had to adjust to a little bit.”

On the team’s journey through the tournament and playing a lot of good teams in succession:
“I mean this has to be, if you look at who we had to go through to get to this point to win a national championship: the two past national champions and the overall number one seed in Virginia and a very good Florida State team, the ACC Tournament Champion. If you look through the history books and look at the RPI of the teams we had to play, even San Diego State and Kentucky. Those are very good teams that gave us some issues. If you look back, it may be one of the best runs ever. It really might be. This team is phenomenal. The amount of talent we have and what we brought forth throughout that run: the mentality and the resolve. I think the toughness of those games brought us to this point, and I knew these girls were destined to win it.”

On winning the national championship in her first year at UCLA and how to raise the bar higher:
“You have to win another one. That’s the reason I made the move to UCLA. I just know this program, this athletic department, the way that this administration supported us through the Final Four run and having your athletic director here and sport administrator, Joe Bruin and the cheer squad. We basically transplanted our program to Cary, North Carolina. I now know why UCLA has won so many national championships in so many sports. The way we approach it in such a professional attitude. It creates this atmosphere for the girls, they just had so much support. It helps us to get the stuff done on the field that we need to do.”

Kodi Lavrusky, Forward, Sophomore

On if she felt that they were going to break through the FSU defense and score eventually:
“The whole game we knew we had it in us. Once we got to that first overtime, we knew our chances were coming so we just had to finish one.”

Sam Mewis, Midfielder, Junior

On wanting to be the 110th national title for UCLA and how it motivated the team:
“Women’s soccer at UCLA has never won a national championship, so we felt like we weren’t really a part of (it). UCLA leads the country in most national championships and we wanted to contribute to that. After baseball won 109 in the spring, it was so cool to witness that and see how awesome it was for them – we know a lot of them – and we wanted to become a part of it and contribute to UCLA and this was our way of doing it. It’s unreal we won our 110th one. We’re so happy.”

Megan Oyster, Defender, Junior

On her decision to make a run from the back that resulted in an assist for the game-winning goal:
“Honestly, I just took my chances. I knew we were going to get one eventually and I just stayed composed. It was probably the best pass in my life; I’ve never done that before. I guess it was a good time.”

Florida State Head Coach Mark Krikorian

Opening statement:
“Well first off Congratulations to UCLA, I thought they played outstanding from the goalkeeper position right up through their entire team. They are certainly a very good team, and I’d have to say a worthy champion.”

On UCLA disrupting the team’s game plan:
“I thought that the quality of their pressure was pretty good. We knew in the first half, when we gave them the wind to their back, that the first half would be a little bit harder for us. And we felt that in the second half, hopefully, we’d be able to get a little bit more territory, but I think they were very athletic and organized and a very good team. It was a difficult game.”

On your team’s season:
“We came into the season with a lot of uncertainty, but a couple of things that we knew for sure. Kassey Kallman and Kelsey Wys where two seasoned veterans. They are outstanding leaders and great players and that they were going to have to put this team on their back at times. I think we’re sitting here today and playing for a national championship, mostly because of their efforts.”

Kassey Kallman, Defender, Senior

On her senior season:
“Going through the season and being successful has been great, but this is our third year back here and we’re not satisfied with losing the championship. So I wish the best of luck to them next year and hopefully they get it done.”

On UCLA’s winning goal:
“We let their player in the midfield have the ball without pressure and there was a sliding run coming from their right side. She slashed across to get the ball they played her, and she had everyone beat.”

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