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Postgame Quotes (NCAA Fullerton Super Regional Game 2)
By: UCLA Athletics

June 8, 2013

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JUNE 8, 2013

Cal State Fullerton Head Coach Rick Vanderhook
"We lost. We gave them some opportunities in the first innings by making a couple mistakes. We had two outs nobody on and we miss a ground ball. First and second two outs, catch a ground ball, make a bad throw and they answered. They got a couple base-hits right up the middle and they put the pedal on us a little bit in the first. Offensively, we didn't cash in on our opportunities. Our best opportunity came when Davis doubled and then Michael lined out to left, he hit it pretty good." "This weekend they were about right in everything they did. They had their guys standing in the right spot. If it would have been ten feet to one side I don't think they would have caught it but that's life in the game of baseball. The Bruins were better than us this weekend and we will see them next year, either here or the next weekend."

On Offense
"Disappointed with how we played offense because we didn't. We didn't play offense very good, we didn't have any offense. It was get a hit or get out, there was no offense in there. We tried to do a few things and it didn't work. We fell behind in the first and played catch up."

On Eshelman
"He gave up no earned runs and threw 103 pitches in eight innings. He had to face five extra hitters after that two out nobody on error. I thought he was fantastic. That for me, was the best pitching of the whole tournament, us or them. He was more dominant than anybody for me this weekend that I saw. There weren't many balls hit hard. Guys got on and he was out of it. There was really no pressure spots or test spots that he had to deal with besides the first inning."

Cal State Fullerton Pitcher Thomas Eshelman
On His Outing
"As far as pitching in this game. It was hard at first to settle down, especially in that first inning. I went back to what I have been doing all year and threw strikes. I gave these guys an opportunity to get in the dugout and get some runs on the board. As the game went on, I settled down.

Cal State Fullerton Shortstop Richy Pedroza
On Season
"It was an unbelievable season for us. Couldn't ask for anything more as a senior. Obviously I wanted to go to Omaha, but as a team total, it one of the best teams I've ever been a part of . I love all these guys and that's all I got."

On Senior Class Not Making It to Omaha
"Very disappointing, it was one of our goals we had. We took every goal one at a time whether it was the Big west, Regionals or Super Regionals. To come short with the type of team we had was pretty disappointing."

UCLA Head Coach John Savage
"First I'd like to congratulate Cal State Fullerton for a remarkable year. Whenever you win over 50 games in the west, what can you say? They have some of the best players to play in this program's history. With Pedroza, Lopez and Lorenzen, those guys will go down as great Titans, guys that have been here and set the tone for this program for many, many years. I would like to congratulate them, Rick, and his staff. They're going to be at this thing for a long time. They have a great thing going here and we all know that they have a very bright future."

"In terms of the tournament and the games, I couldn't be any prouder of our program and the student athletes. We just formed; we bonded and became a team a couple weeks ago. Whenever you get to Fullerton and win two games, to beat I think the best team in the country says a lot about the character. Their disciple and their habits you name it, we did it. I think we earned it. Whenever you come here and win this and get to Omaha, it's not an easy road. I am very proud of our team and players, moving on to Omaha."

UCLA Pitcher Nick Vander Tuig
On working out of trouble
"Mainly just try to make pitches. Try not to get too ahead of myself. Try to pitch ahead and let my defense work for me. I don't think I had too many strikeouts. Fullerton had great hitters that battled me all game. My defense got me out of some jams and I was just focusing on making pitches."

On pitching with the lead
"The three runs in the first were huge. Anytime you get a few runs in the first it's a lot easier to pitch, especially with our defense. It's easy to just throw strikes and make pitches and let the defense work for you."

UCLA First Baseman Pat Gallagher
On at bat with the bases-loaded
"After Eric got on and we put together some quality at bats. I felt that Eshelman hadn't been in that situation maybe. We just kept battling him and put the ball in play and it all worked out."

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