November 2, 2013
Pasadena, Calif. – Rose Bowl

Postgame Quotes
UCLA head coach Jim Mora

opening statement
“That was our second home game in a row with at least 80,000 fans. They had the wave going. There was energy and excitement for UCLA football. That shows how expectations have been raised. I mean, that’s what we are after. I walk in here expecting questions about ‘Why didn’t this happen?’ or ‘Why did we start so slow?’ or ‘What’s wrong?’ I gotta tell you, that’s a good thing. It tells me that people expect a lot of us. We have to manage those expectations. We are only in the second year of our program. We started nine true freshmen today. We started Isaak [Savaiinaea] instead of Eric [Kendricks]. It’s going to take time. Some drives and starts of games are not beautiful. We were coming off two difficult road losses against really good teams. I hate to admit this, but I thought there was a little hangover. We didn’t have the enthusiasm earlier that we typically have. There was a little hangover. These guys love to play. I told them at halftime that I didn’t think we were enjoying the game enough. They have to realize how lucky they are. I was lucky to play in two Rose Bowls here, and I will remember those forever. They have to remember how lucky they are to play in front of 80,000 people at the Rose Bowl. I tried to unburden them a little bit, and I felt like the juice was back and they responded. So, I was proud of that. I like this team. I like being around them. You know, I smile. The day that this stops being enjoyable is when I’ll get out of this thing. Winning is not easy. It’s hard to win a football game. It was a great night.”

on quarterback Brett Hundley
“I think you are right. I think there was no better recipe for him than that 76-yard play. It was like phew, OK. We can agree. The kid has looked burdened the last two weeks. He didn’t look burdened tonight. Colorado played hard and their quarterback played well, too. I thought Brett exhaled a little bit. I saw it during the week. He didn’t have so much tension in the way he was approaching things. These are amateurs doing it for the love of the game. I want them to love every minute of the game.

“It’s just maturing as a football player and quarterback and experiencing things and learning and growing from them. He is still a young quarterback. We ask him to do a lot of things out here. He does everything that you could ask of his preparation. He comes in early. He stays late and works hard on the field. There are great lessons to be learned in the last two weeks – the two failures we had as a team and, specifically, for Brett, there was so much hype around Brett. He did not necessarily create it with his words but with his play. Sometimes you have to be humbled a little bit. He can handle it. He’s tough and he wants to be great. He is gracious. He realizes that it’s going to take a lot of hard work. I’m really happy that he is our quarterback. I’m ecstatic to see him grow.”

on receiver Devin Fuller
“I’m not into the statement games or coming out parties, but it was exciting to see him play well. We know what he is capable of. He came here as a quarterback, and we put him at receiver and he’s done a really nice job. When he has the ball in his hands, he can make things happen.”

on the team’s effort and execution
“Effort, effort was good. Execution, no. I think it’s important to separate execution and effort. Our guys play hard. They’re hungry. They try. We have to execute better. As a staff, we have to give them good calls. We have to put them in situations to succeed and have success. They have to execute. We are going to grow from it. We have four more and a big one this week at Arizona. It’s going to be a great test for us. We have to keep the same effort and execute better.”

on disappointment in seven first half penalties
“Disappointment? No. I don’t get disappointed during games. Now after we lose a game, yes I’ll get disappointed. If we get to be Debbie Downer and disappointed during a game, then you are screwed. That’s not how I function as a human being. Disappointed? No. Searching for answers? Sure."

Colorado head coach Mike MacIntyre

on if he saw improvement in the team tonight
“I saw great fight and great effort. I thought our coaching staff had the players very well prepared. We played a really good football team tonight and I hope that one day people are saying that about us. I did see a lot of improvement out there, especially in our quarterback. The way he competes and the way he keeps fighting are giving our whole team a lot of hope. Our performance tonight against a top-20 team shows that we’re making progress and I think that gives everybody a little more confidence. The players listen to the coaches a little bit more, the coaches think they’re doing the right thing a little bit more and it just keeps you more and more confident. The players and coaches in that locker room are really down right now, but they also have a fight and resilience to them and they’ll bounce back.”

on the fumble on the kickoff return in the second quarter
“That hurt. You can’t be perfect, but we have to be close to perfect right now. We didn’t do a good enough job of blocking them on returns. [Ryan Severson] was getting pelted pretty good back there. But he has to hold on to the football there and he’s been doing a good job of returning the kicks. However, the guy put his helmet on the ball and made a good play there.”

on trying to get more pressure on UCLA’s Brett Hundley
“We tried to. We tried to move the line, but they’re pretty good. We did get there a few times but we just weren’t able to get Hundley down. He kept getting away from us. Give him credit because he’s good at being able to see down the field and being able to see the rush and move around in the pocket. They say he’s going to be one of the top eight picks in the draft and he certainly looks like it.”

on getting to a point where the team doesn’t have to play close to perfect
“As our guys get better and better and stronger and faster we can get there. We also need to execute a little bit better and just do the little things that will make us better. I don’t mean for us to play a perfect game, because nobody is going to. We just need to execute our fundamentals a little bit better and we’re getting better at doing that.”

on controlling the time of possession
“We did control the clock well. That was something that we wanted to do going in. Our goal was to get to the second half with it being a football game and tonight was really the first time we did that. We kept battling and if we could’ve gotten that onside kick it would’ve been really exciting and fun.”

on running back Christian Powell
“Christian’s so tough and he’s starting to understand exactly the runs we put him in. He was a fighter tonight and I’m really proud of him.”

on not being able to finish drives in UCLA territory
“We’ve got to look at that and find a way to get those first downs down there. We just have to go back and look at it. But I’m glad we’re moving the ball. That’s a good thing and we need to keep doing that.”


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