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NCAA Women's Volleyball Championships Second Round
By: UCLA Athletics

Dec. 3, 2005

Recap |  Final Stats

San Diego Quotes:
San Diego head coach Jennifer Petrie
(Opening statement) "UCLA played exceptional tonight. Every one of their hitters and defensive players played flawlessly. They are a hard team to contain when they play so well."

"We didn't have the game we wanted to have. We are a little disappointed in the way we played tonight, but we don't want that to overshadow the great season that we had."

(Comparing UCLA to earlier in the season) "I think that UCLA has developed offensively a lot since the last time we played them earlier in the season. They are very unpredictably offensively and are playing extremely well right now."

(On team using this experience next year) "Every year we try to build. Our goal was to reach that Sweet 16, but I am extremely proud with how we played this season. I'm very proud of how this team played last night against Long Beach State, and I hope our under classmen can learn and improve from that experience."

Senior Lindsey Sherburne
(Thoughts on match) "Since the beginning of the match UCLA got the momentum and the games went by so fast that we couldn't get into our rhythm. We had some strong pushes at them none of them could put us on top."

UCLA Quotes:
UCLA head coach Andy Banachowski
(Opening statement) "I'm really thrilled to move on and go to the regional in Omaha. I thought we had a good weekend of play and I am looking forward to continuing on."

"I'm very impressed with how our team played, especially against a quality opponent like San Diego."

(Comparing USD to earlier in the season) "San Diego runs such a quick attack. They way they play is very different from the other teams we have faced. I thought that our players adjusted to that quite well."

"It has been a long time since we last seen them and they are a different team from that match. Both of us have gotten a lot better, and I am please with how our team has matured."

Senior Nancy Barba
(On last match in Pauley Pavilion) "I forgot it was my last game in Pauley Pavilion. I wanted to play with no regrets and I wanted to play well, but I know we have so much more to play for now. I'm too excited about going to Omaha to cry."

Junior Nana Meriwether
(On UCLA's performance) "We prepared a lot better for tonight's match. We dissected their offense and we talked before every play which really helped us."

Sophomore Rachell Johnson
(On UCLA's performance) "We were calm the entire match. We were calm when we were up and we were calm when we were down. Some times we struggle when we play franticly, and tonight we were calm which was huge."

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