UCLA vs. Utah - Live Gymnastics Scoring

Jan. 10, 2004

Los Angeles, Calif. - Follow the UCLA gymnastics team as it competes against fourth-ranked Utah on Saturday evening at Pauley Pavilion. The meet will begin at approximately 6:15 pm, and scores will be updated here periodically during the meet. Please hit refresh or reload for the latest updates.

Rotation One

UCLA - Vault
Holly Murdock - late sub for Ashley Peckett, who scratched after warmups; Yurchenko layout, loose on the block, piked and fell, 8.55
Courtney Walker - Yurchenko layout full, tucked it and fell, 8.85
Lori Winn - Yurchenko layout full, small hop forward, 9.725
Kristen Maloney - in her first competition in two years, hits nice Yurchenko layout full, just a small hop forward, 9.85
Kate Richardson - beautiful Yurchenko layout full, great height, stuck, 9.975, ties career high
Jeanette Antolin - huge Yurchenko layout full, great height, nice extension, stuck landing, first 10.0 of the year
*Exhibition - Kisha Auld - Laid out Tsukahara full - very difficult and unique vault; very powerful and explosive, step on landing, 9.7
Team Total - 48.4

Utah - Bars
Dominique D'Oliveira - 9.8
Rachel Tidd - 9.775
Melissa Vituj - 9.125
Annabeth Eberle - 9.8
Veronique LeClerc - 9.875
Nicolle Ford - 9.875
Team Total - 49.125

Rotation Two

UCLA - Bars
Kristen Maloney - starts with a Maloney, slow into her kip cast handstand at the end of the routine; tucked full-in dismout with a step, otherwise a nice routine, 9.675
Holly Murdock - giant 1 1/2 to straddle Jaeger, beautiful double layout dismount, step on the landing, 9.7
Lori Winn - huge Tkatchev to straddle-back handstand, great swing and beautiful line, hop on double layout dismount, 9.85
Kate Richardson - flawless routine, full-twisting giant, Tkatchev, immediate pike back handstand, stuck double layout dismount, 9.925 (ties career high)
Jeanette Antolin - nice inverts to piked Jaeger, double layout dismount with small hop forward, 9.95
Yvonne Tousek - missed uprise handstand, compensated by doing a hop handstand but fell on piked Jaeger, got back up and finished routine nicely with a stuck double layout dismount, 9.05
*Exhibition - Aimee Walker - nice pak salto, double twist dismount, nice clean lines, 9.725
Team Total - 49.1
Two-event Score - 97.5

Utah - Vault
Kristen Riffanacht - pike front half, stuck landing, 9.875
Veronique LeClerc - pike front half, also stuck, 9.875
Nicolle Ford - Yurchenko layout arabian, 9.825
Rachel Tidd - Yurchenko layout full, stuck, 9.975
Melissa Vituj - Yurchenko layout arabian, 9.9
Annabeth Eberle - Yurchenko layout full, stuck, 10
Team Total - 49.625 (school record)
Two-event Score - 98.75

Rotation Three

UCLA - Beam
Holly Murdock - very unique mount of front pike to her backside; back tuck, immediate back tuck kick out, to chest roll; nice ring jump but almost fell on sheep jump; split leap, switch side to hips; gainer layout full dismount, tiny step; 9.75
Lori Winn - bh/lo/bh; switch leap/straddle jump; straddle jump full; roundoff double full dismount with small step to the side; very nice, solid routine, cleanly executed; 9.9
Kristen Maloney - switch leap/straddle jump; nailed bh/lo; wolf 3/4; wolf jump to full-twisting backhandspring chest roll; gainer layout full, small step back; beautiful routine, showing no signs of rust, she is picking up where she left off in the competition arena two years ago; 9.875
Jeanette Antolin - bh/lo stuck; beautiful side scale; front handspring to knee, immediate Omelianchek; backhandspring full; roundoff stuck double pike dismount; 9.925
Kate Richardson - press handstand mount into reverse planche to layout/layout stuck; switch leap/straddle jump; front aerial to immediate backhandspring/chest roll; gainer full dismount stuck; 10.0
Yvonne Tousek - press handstand mount; bh/lo/bh; 3/4 shushanova, back hip circle; wolf jump, back tuck chest roll; round-off double full dismount with a step; 9.825
*Exhibition - Christie Tedmon - switch leap/straddle/straddle; bh/lo; front handspring w/ a balance check; gainer layout full stuck; nice solid routine; 9.7
Team Total - 49.525
Three-event Score - 147.025

Utah - Floor
Kristen Riffanacht - 9.8
Rachel Tidd - 9.5
Nicolle Ford - 9.875
Gritt Hofmann - 9.9
Annabeth Eberle - 9.875
Melissa Vituj - 9.875
Team Total - 49.325
Three-event Score - 148.075

Rotation Four

UCLA - Floor
Christie Tedmon - Irish music; whip double pike, stepped out of bounds; roundoff bh, 1 1/2, awkward landing; double back, nearly put her hands down; 9.325
Lori Winn - Arabian-type music; roundoff, backhandspring, double pike; front handspring, front full, punch front; stuck double full; 9.9 caps off a great debut meet for the freshman
Aimee Walker - taking her cues from her teammates and coaches; double pike mount; roundoff backhandspring double full; front handspring, front layout, punch front; fun routine to watch; 9.65 (9.8 SV)
Yvonne Tousek - 2 1/2 punch front mount; front handspring, front full, punch front pike; double full last pass; classic Yvonne routine - very elegant and expressive with nice dance; 9.875
Kate Richardson - drums music; double layout; front handspring/front layout/front layout; great dance; roundoff/whip/whip/backhandspring/double pike, small step forward; very cute routine; 9.95 (39.85 all-around score, career-high)
Jeanette Antolin - music: "A Little Less Conversation" by Elvis Presley; whip to immediate double pike; double full-punch front; double pike, small step forward; 9.975, ties career high (also 39.85 all-around)
Team Total - 49.35
Final Score - 196.375

Utah - Beam
Natalie Nicoloff - 9.8
Rachel Tidd - 9.85
Gritt Hofmann - 9.85
Nicolle Ford - 9.4
Annabeth Eberle - 9.825
Melissa Vituj - 9.95
Team Total - 49.275
Final Score - 197.35

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