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Session I Press Conference Quotes
By: UCLA Athletics

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Head Coach Kristen Smyth, Stanford:
"This afternoon was an exciting competition. Our hats are off to all the competing teams. The podium looked beautiful. My team fought hard all night, it was a real team effort."

"Our team is building for the last 6 weeks. We have been going with eight athletes all year and four all-arounders. I'm proud of the athletes for pushing through."

Head Coach Rhonda Faehn, Florida:
"The competition was run very smoothly. The podium was absolutely beautiful. It was huge when we lost Kristen Stucky at the SEC's. We hit 24 for 24 routines, and I'm proud of them."

Junior Orley Szmuch, Florida:
"Our goals were to make the Super 6. We have done that. We wanted to hit 24 for 24 routines. I think we did a great job of that, especially with some new people in the lineup. Everybody stepped up."

Head Coach Suzanne Yoculan, Georgia:
"It's a great meet. For us it was a struggle. The rotation we drew was a tough one. We were not able to get the scores up in the first two events. We did not execute today like we can. I am glad we have the opportunity to compete tomorrow."

Senior Cory Fritzinger, Georgia:
"I did not do the beam routine to the best of my ability. It's something this team has done, come back in with a better attitude, more grit and enthusiasm and hit like we can. I'm glad I have a chance to come out tomorrow and do it better."

(On not competing well in the first day of NCAA Championships): "This team has done this every year. We had a horrible warm-up at SEC's and scored 198. We will come in tomorrow with more guts and enthusiasm."

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Saturday, Apr 02
vs. NCAA Regionals
Salt Lake City, UT
2nd, 196,375
Friday, Apr 15
vs. NCAA Team Semifinals
Fort Worth, TX
3rd, 196.700
Saturday, Apr 16
vs. NCAA Super Six
Fort Worth, TX
5th, 196.825