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Bruin Profile - McKinley Tennyson Jr.
By: UCLA Athletics

McKinley Tennyson Jr.

Sport: Soccer

Year: Senior

Position: Forward

Hometown: Indianapolis, IN

High School: North Central

Nickname: Kei. I got it from my aunt when I was a baby. One of my closer cousin's names is Keith, and they dropped the "th" and called me Kei.

Favorite food: Steak and potatoes. Also, when I moved to California I found a love for Mexican food, particularly homemade flour tortillas.

Favorite book: "Into Thin Air" by Jon Krakauer

Favorite class: Math

Favorite hobby: Playing Playstation and Sega Dreamcast with my younger brother

Favorite video game: NBA 2K

Favorite movie: Jurassic Park and Boomerang

Favorite TV shows: SportsCenter and Real World

Favorite athlete: Michael Jordan

How do you prepare before a game? Do you have any game-day superstitions?: I try to get a good meal before games, usually pasta. I don't have any game-day superstitions, but I like to joke around with my teammates on game day to keep everyone relaxed.

If you could play another sport at UCLA, what would it be and why?: Basketball because I played in high school, and a couple of my closest friends here at school other than the soccer team are on the basketball team.

Best sporting event you've attended as a spectator?: Germany vs. England in the old U.S. Cup Tournament in Detroit. Seeing a bunch of world soccer stars live was neat.

Somewhere you've never been that you'd most like to visit?: Fiji

If you could have dinner with four famous people who would they be?: Michael Jordan, Pele, Martin Luther King, Jr. and JFK

What do you see yourself doing in 10 years?: Possibly married, hopefully having a pro soccer career, investing in real estate, and preparing for a family

What's your most memorable athletic experience?: Winning the national championship in 1997

What do you like to do in your spare time?: I like to hang out with my friends and go to the beach with my girlfriend.

Most embarrassing moment?: My best friend Darren used to tease me when I was in elementary school because I tried to grow a hairstyle called a ramp, but I could never do it.

Most influential person on your life?: My parents and my brother

What made you choose to attend UCLA?: Academics, athletics and great weather

What is something about yourself that few people know?: I'm really well-rounded. In terms of music, you can catch me listening to Blink-182 in the morning, Dr. Dre at lunch and Gipsy Kings at night.

What would you want people to say about you when you leave UCLA?: That I was a talented soccer player and a gentleman off the field.

UCLA Health Sponsor - Event Information
Friday, Sep 04
at Maryland
College Park, MD
L, 1 - 2 (OT)
Monday, Sep 07
at Georgetown
Washington, DC
L, 1 - 3
Sunday, Sep 13
vs. UC Riverside
Los Angeles, CA
L, 1 - 2 (OT)
Friday, Sep 18
vs. Cal Poly
Los Angeles, CA
W, 4 - 1
Monday, Sep 21
vs. UC Santa Barbara
Los Angeles, CA
L, 2 - 4
Friday, Sep 25
vs. VCU
Los Angeles, CA
W, 2 - 1
Sunday, Sep 27
vs. UC Irvine
Los Angeles, CA
W, 4 - 3 (OT)
Friday, Oct 02
at Oregon State
Corvallis, OR
L, 0 - 1 (2OT)
Sunday, Oct 04
at Washington
Seattle, WA
W, 3 - 2 (2OT)
Monday, Oct 12
vs. San Diego State
Los Angeles, CA
W, 4 - 0
Friday, Oct 16
vs. Stanford
Los Angeles, CA
L, 1 - 2
Monday, Oct 19
vs. California
Los Angeles, CA
W, 6 - 0
Friday, Oct 23
at Stanford
Stanford, CA
T, 2 - 2
Sunday, Oct 25
at California
Berkeley, CA
L, 3 - 4
Sunday, Nov 01
at Akron
Akron, OH
W, 4 - 2
Friday, Nov 06
vs. Oregon State
Los Angeles, CA
W, 4 - 1
Sunday, Nov 08
vs. Washington
Los Angeles, CA
W, 2 - 1
Saturday, Nov 14
at San Diego State
San Diego, CA
L, 0 - 1 (2OT)
Thursday, Nov 19
vs. Cal Poly
Los Angeles, CA
W, 2 - 0
Sunday, Nov 22
at Seattle
Seattle, WA
L, 0 - 1