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Postmatch Quotes
By: UCLA Athletics

Dec. 5, 2003

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UCLA Head Coach Andy Banachowski
"We played well tonight. I told the team that I was proud of the consistency in our effort. We've played like this before, but not all the way through a match. I was really happy with what we did tonight offensively, defensively. All parts of the game were really good."

"I think that our players saw the video tape and got a chance to see San Diego hit. Blocking is such a streaky thing. Once you get it going, it really builds your confidence and you can keep on going with it. We did a nice job of timing their hitting. I thought we served well enough that they had to be predictably, which allowed us to set up our block and our block was good tonight."

"We talked about starting the post season with the same energy and excitement we began the year with and so we really weren't thinking too much about how we ended. Even though we didn't get wins, we played well at the end of the year. Tonight, we were consistent out there with what we did and really maintained it. Brittany Ringel had a tremendous night for us. Cira Wright was pretty awesome and Heather Cullen. Our attack was good. They made good choices out there. The consistency that has failed us on occasion throughout the year was there tonight."

UCLA's Brynn Murphy
"The team played great. As a team, we were totally gelled. We just had so much fun out there. When we're having fun, everything seems to flow. It feels good. I'm really happy with the way we all played."

On the team hitting over .400
"It feels great. I heard it out there. The back row players were tellign the front row players where to hit. Everyone was talking to each other and had each other's back and was covering. I think that it gave the hitters a lot of confidence to go up and hit away."

"Hopefully, we can come out tomorrow night with the same fire. We know that we can play at that level. Now, we just need to maintain it."

San Diego Head Coach Jennifer Petrie
"I'm disappointed in the way we came out this evening. We were hoping to end on a high note. Regardless of the win or the loss, we were hoping to come out and compete hard. I feel that we can certainly work harder and look forward to training and workign harder in the spring."

"I think the communication lacked this evening. There are a lot of areas that I think we could've done better. We could've served better, we could've tried to put them a little more on the defensive. We were on the defensive, not reacting to what they were doing, but trying to keep the ball in play and execute an offense that might score points."

"If anything, this match has given us a starting block for what we need to identify to work on for the future. In order for us to be at the level of play that we want and compete with a team like UCLA at this first round juncture, we need to take a look inside and see what we need to do to put ourselves in a position to compete at this level."

San Diego's Kristen Hurst
"It was tough tonight to get into a rhythm. We came in tonight not how we should have. As we were saying before and after, it is an honor to be here. When you get into the tournament, you have to be at your best and we weren't."

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