UCLA Opens 2004 Indoor Season Ranked No. 5 in the U.S.

Jan. 18, 2004

Jeanette Bolden's UCLA women's track and field team opens the 2004 collegiate indoor season ranked No. 5 in the U. S., according to the first Trackwire preseason poll issued this week.

In first place is defending NCAA Indoor champion LSU, followed by Texas and Florida, in a tie for second, No. 4 Stanford and No. 5 UCLA. Under Bolden, the Bruins won the NCAA Indoor title in 2000 and 2001, placed second in 2002 and last season tied for eighth. UCLA's 2004 indoor campaign begins Jan. 31 at the Husky Invitational in Seattle. Available online since the 1997 season, the Trackwire 25 has established itself as the most widely respected and reported ranking of Division I collegiate track & field teams. During the collegiate track season, weekly updates are available via email, and free registration is available at www.trackwire.com.

The Trackwire 25 is compiled by respected track & field statistician Gary Verigin. Please contact Gary by email at verytrackwire@charter.net with any comments or corrections.

The Trackwire 25 for Women, including team rankings and projected national meet scores:

1. LSU, 71
=2. Texas, 48
=2. Florida, 48
4. Stanford, 32
5. UCLA, 30
6. Arkansas, 29
=7. North Carolina, 28
=7. Nebraska, 28
9. Colorado, 22
=10. South Carolina, 20
=10. BYU, 20
=10. West Virginia, 20
=13. Tennessee, 19
=13. Kansas State, 19
15. Georgia, 17
=16. Baylor, 16
=16. Florida State, 16
18. Providence, 15
=19. Miami, 12
=19. Georgia Tech, 12
21. Notre Dame, 11
=22. Penn State, 9
=22. Arizona, 9
=24. Clemson, 8
=24. Mississippi State, 8
=24. Kent State, 8

The Trackwire 25 projects a hypothetical score for the NCAA meet, factoring in injury reports and other variables supported by information gathered from coaches and NCAA-qualfying competitions across the country. This projection is generated by scoring the Dandy Dozen, a power ranking of the top 12 athletes and relay squads in each NCAA event.

The factors used to build the D12 include quantitative values that measure performances in past major competitions (such as conference championships, national championships and Olympic competition), durability and freedom from injuries, demonstrated ability to compete well in multiple rounds of competition, ability in other events, head-to-head competition with other top athletes, and personal or seasonal bests.

In addition to the Trackwire 25, the D12 is also available to members of our mailing list; subscribe by sending email to trackwire-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.

Other media are encouraged to report and republish the Trackwire 25, as long as the ranking is clearly identified as the Trackwire 25 and a reference or link to our website URL is included (www.trackwire.com). Also, the Trackwire 25 is properly described as a power ranking, and is not a poll. Media outlets that wish to receive email updates of the Trackwire 25 without receiving our other content offerings should subscribe to our Trackwire25 mailing list by sending email to trackwire25-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.

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