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Postgame Quotes
By: UCLA Athletics

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Head Coach Kathy Olivier
"That was a great game for TV. I thought our team showed a lot of character in the game, being down in the beginning and not being able to hit any shots, of keeping our heads up and keeping our poise with a pretty loud fan base that Stanford had. They had great support. They killed us on the boards but we kept our heads up and kept it close the whole game."

"I think 18 wins is great. I think we play in a very, very strong conference and we have proven ourselves in this conference throughout the whole year. We played Stanford twice very close and they are the only team we haven't beaten in the conference. We beat Arizona and Arizona played great today. We beat Washington. Washington is one of the top teams in the conference. I truly feel like we have proven ourselves. And this was a game that I think put us over the edge. I would be very surprised if they (NCAA) don't take us."

"They (Stanford) have seen so much film on us and this team never says die. At one point we were pressing them for 40 minutes in the past so I don't think they were surprised. I think they knew how bad we wanted this game. We knew that they had a size advantage. We had to use our quickness. How do we use our quickness? With a full court press. And the team did a great job of getting after it and creating 25 turnovers. That's our strength, causing havoc for our opponents. We play up-tempo. We're a fun team to watch, we use our quickness and we definitely go to our strengths. Stanford is a great team. Nicole (Powell) hit that shot and that was a turning point. It was a flashback from our first game against them. There is a reason she is one of the best players in the country. She came to battle."

Forward Lisa Willis
"My job on the floor is to rebound and play defense. I try to help the team...I felt pressure to get the rebounds and play defense. When my shot's hitting then more power to me but I still have to play defense and get rebounds. That's what the team needs me to do."

Guard Michelle Greco
On her injury: "I don't really remember what happened. I remember Whitney Jones, I believe, got shoved in the back and followed through with her arm and just ripped me in the nose with her elbow. It just started bleeding...and bleeding. And that's why I had to wear the mask because early on in the season I broke my nose so I already had a nice mask molded to my face. I'm okay, it's not broke. Yesterday I slightly sprained my ankle and at one point I collided heads with one of the Oregon players but that didn't affect my play today. It's the second round and we're playing Stanford. It's a big game and we have to win. All that stuff is just kind of pushed into the back of my head."

"Of course we would've loved to win but even though we lost we went down fighting. Like I mentioned yesterday, we were there to battle. We were there to play 40 minutes of hard-nosed basketball, and we did that."

"(Powell) is a clutch player. She is a great player and was definitely not the person we wanted to have the ball with one second remaining (on the shot clock)."

"That's been our goal this whole year, to make it to the (NCAA) Tournament. We feel like we have proven ourselves and we deserve to be in the tournament. We're going to be waiting patiently but we're going to be excited when we get our name called."

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