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Postgame Quotes
By: UCLA Athletics

NCAA Softball Regional - @ UCLA's Easton Stadium
Post-Game Press Conference - Game Two
Alabama 4, Central Michigan 2

Alabama Head Coach Pat Murphy
"This is our sixth year, and the first one (game) to me always is the important one just to get out the jitters. New place, new people playing, and hopefully you survive it. We survived a couple of shaky innings and didn't hit the ball very well. We just made enough plays to get the win."

(Asked if the team will watch the next game or go back to the hotel to rest): "We'll watch a little bit of this game. Obviously, after seeing the score of the first game, anybody can beat anybody. You worry about that too. You just have to take care of who you're playing the next game and then just dream about winning."

(On the importance of walks): "We led the conference in walks and home runs basically every year. We'll take a walk. They've done very well with that. Those were huge. I looked up and we had three or four runs with one hit. The majority of the people on base were there on walks. I thought they did a good job of laying off very close pitches that could have been strikes but were called balls."

(On pitcher Erin Wright): "She's kind of a bend, don't break kid. A couple of times with the bases loaded she had two K's. She just seems to show up when we need her the most. She's done it before. She gets better as the pressure gets higher. She pitched around a couple of mistakes by the defense. It was a typical performance for her - 8 Ks and not very many hits."

Alabama designated player Stephanie VanBrakle
(Asked if she was looking for a particular pitch to hit on her home run): "No, my first at-bat she stayed in. She was staying in on everybody, so I was looking to hit an inside pitch and then foul off outside or maybe the rise. I just saw the change-up right out of her hand, and I stayed back enough to hit it. I was just trying to hit it low and hard right back up the middle. It was right down the middle and hung a little bit."

Central Michigan head coach Margo Jonker
"I thought we competed in the game quite well, but we gave them too many opportunities...putting people on base. A couple of situations they also gave us some opportunities that way. I thought that there were some very positive moments, but obviously the home run was a killer. When they hit that one bad is one of those situations they capitalized on one bad pitch. Good for them. For us, this is one game, we plan on spending a lot of time here.

Central Michigan center fielder Christin Sobeck
(On team's offensive philosophy): "I wanted to put the ball in play and it worked. I looked at the positioning of the players in the warmups and I just wanted to start it off. I started the inning and put the ball in play and made them make a play and it worked.

Central Michigan pitcher Amber Puchalski
"It was definitely important to hit spots in this game. Like Coach said they picked up on that one mistake that I threw. Next game I must come out stronger and hit every spot.

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