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Tourney Talk
By: UCLA Athletics

March 20, 2000

On playing Iowa State

"It will be a great game because they have a lot of great players and so do we. It will definitely be a battle to the end." - Sophomore guard Ray Young

"Iowa State is a tough team and we're going to have to study them hard and focus a lot on Marcus Fizer. He's their All-American and a lot of their offense is based on him. If we play tough, we should be able to get with them." - Junior guard Ryan Bailey

"They have two great players in Jamaal Tinsley and Marcus Fizer. Together, they are a formidable force. They won the Big 12 and the won the Big 12 Tournament and they have been playing some great basketball this entire year. It's going to be another chance for us to step up and prove that we belong with the top-level teams in this country. They run a very pressured type defense and on offense they look to push the ball and it's up-tempo which I like. We like that style so it should be a great match-up between two teams that are playing very well right now." - Senior Forward Sean Farnham

"They are physical and they play real hard. They have a lot of JC guys that come out and try to beat you. They are a talented team and we respect them, but we don't fear them. We're going to go out and try to beat them." - Junior Forward Rico Hines

"Marcus Fizer is a great player. I played against him at the Nike Camp in high school. But I think if we can contain him, we can contain Iowa State." - Sophomore Forward JaRon Rush

"They are very talented. They have a lot of players that are overlooked. They are well-rounded and can shoot from the outside. And obviously they have Marcus Fizer on the inside." - Junior Guard Earl Watson

On the Maryland Game

"I think the camaraderie of the team was a big reason we played so well. We all came together and didn't worry about anything else but winning." - Ray Young

"We stuck with our game plan. We came out and we knew that we weren't going to back down to anybody. Teams from the East Coast tend to take West Coast teams lightly, but we came out with a tough attitude and we were going to stick with them regardless of what they tried to do." - Ryan Bailey

"We shot 72% in the first half and that tells you that we had a lot of open looks. When you have open looks with the type of talent we have on this team, we're going to knock them down and that's what we did. A lot of our points were created on our fast-break opportunities. When you push the ball up the floor and get the ally-oop dunks like we did, it creates a situation where teams have to worry so much about that and they forget about your half-court offense. When they do that, it opens up the court a lot for guys to get open looks." - Sean Farnham

"We have a really good team and when we put our minds to do something, we come through. These last couple of weeks, we've been very focused and very prepared. I think that's why it was such a lopsided victory. Everyone was on the same page and everyone knew their role." - Rico Hines

"This team came out so focused. Both teams played hard, but before you knew it we were up by 20 and just kept rolling." - Earl Watson

What do you like to do to get ready for big games?

"We (the players) like to get together and just talk basketball. It something we do as a team away from the coaches. I'm sure we'll do that again this week. We'll probably meet in somebody's room and just sit and talk about basketball." - Ray Young

"I'm going to do the same thing I always do before a game, practice hard get mentally ready for a battle." - Ryan Bailey

"I visualize the night before. I try and visualize the game in my head and that prepares me mentally before I get to the game." - Sean Farnham

"I just try to get everyone loose. Especially for this game because there is a lot riding on it. I also go and tell each player something positive. I try and keep good thoughts in their heads so they won't get uptight." - Rico Hines

"I wear a rubber band around my left wrist everyday. I also put two wristbands around each leg and put another rubber band around my left leg." - Earl Watson

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