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Post-Game Quotes
By: UCLA Athletics

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UCLA Head Coach Adam Krikorian
On the game: "Going into the game, I thought it was important to get a lead. I guess there goes that idea. Both team were shaky in the first half, a little nervous and uptight. We weren't playing very aggressive on offense. They got up on us 2-0, which was a tough situation for us going into halftime. But we never gave up, and fought all the way. Kelly (Rulon) scored, and that really sparked us. Everyone else got really excited. I'm just so happy for these (seven) seniors. They made up my very first recruiting class, and mean the world to me. I'm so happy they got this championship."

Elaborating on his mindset at halftime, down 2-0: "I thought we were in trouble. It was important for us to get off to a good start. But, I knew we had the potential to get back into the game."

Keys to the game for the Bruins: "We've been able to slow down their offense all year. We just had trouble scoring from time to time. Today, Robin (Beauregard) did an impressive job on (Stanford's Julie) Gardner. It was our five-on-six today. They finished one-for-six. It was our attitude and our hustle in those situations. The girls wanted it real bad." On UCLA Polo's third national title in three tries at UCSD's Canyonview Pool, with the men having won championships there in 1999 and 1996: "I think UC San Diego should host it every year. (Chuckling.) San Diego is an awesome city. I love coming down here. Hopefully they will host more of these in the future."

UCLA Senior Center Defender Robin Beauregard
On the frantic final two minutes of the game: "I actually didn't feel like it was that frantic. There was a lot of emotion and a loud crowd. The team did a great job. It's your defense that's going to be key in situations like that, and that's how it happened today."

UCLA Junior Center Forward Natalie Golda
On her performance in the Championship Game: "They literally shut me down because I score a lot. I still felt like I played with the exception of those two early fouls I picked up. As long as we come out on top on the scoreboard, I'm happy."

UCLA Freshman Driver Kelly Rulon
On the impact of the UCLA seniors to underclassmen like herself: "I couldn't ask for anything more out of these seniors. I've learned so much from them and grown so much as a player."

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