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Feb. 23, 2006

(1) April (Los Angeles)
People have constantly question the D-Line, how do you react to those negative comments?

Our defense didn't do a great job of working in unison this year, and in our defensive scheme, if we are not perfect, big plays could and did happen. Unfortunately, since the defensive line is the front line in the defense, we get shot down first. It's hard to swallow, but all were going to do this year is change the perception of us.

(2) Kevin (pasadena)
I've been a Bruin fan since I was five...(applause) haha. but, my question is..how do you feel about the new coaches? and how do you think it will affect the team? I love every new coach that I've seen so far but whats your opinion.

The new coaches are great. They create a new sense of urgency, and it gives players a new chance at earning a position. Furthermore, these coaches are great because they came in and established a new attitude that I feel will make us very successful.

(4) Ted Bloom,San Diego, CA
Hey Bear hope you are doing well! Since you have a new coach will you be running a new base defense? And will you be a full strength for the season. P.S. Be sure to support the Womens Gymnastics team and say hello to Heem! LOL Ted Bloom.

Hey Ted. I believe our base defense will be similar to what we ran prior. I will to both questions.

(5) Russell (Los Angeles)
With a relative young group of defensive players and a new group of Defensive Coaches, how do you think the unit will respond? Will it be a difficult transition?

I think since we are so young, we still have the ability to respond to the new coaching and system. I know we are excited since the defensive coordinator brings in NFL experience, and it makes us more eager to learn.

(7) Los Angeles
I am a huge UCLA fan and always have been. I was wondering what it's like to be in the locker room before a game getting pumped up to play. Also after a win when Coach talks and then you scream the fight song. What does that feel like?

It is a great honor to sing the fight song because you know that you have won a game for the pride of the greatest university in the world. Also, knowing that you won a game scratching and clawing with the guys you love and care about makes it so much sweeter.

(8) 3rdGenBruin (Moorpark, CA)
Hi Kevin, it'll be great to have you manning the defensive line again come September. I have two questions: 1) What are the challenges and opportunities presented by having so many coaching changes after last season? and 2) How big of a difference does it make when the Rose Bowl crowd is creating a lot of noise while our defense is on the field?

1) It presents opportunities for certain players and optimism for our defense, Obviously, the challenge is replacing starters and creating a new identity with the new coaches. 2) There is a big difference because it is different when you're disappointed in your crowd for not supporting us instead of knowing that 70,000-90,000 Bruins are behind you and you cannot let them down. When the crowd's behind us, we have even more incentive to stop the other team.

(9) CK Piercey
Apart from your welcome return to play, how and in what ways do you expect the UCLA Defense to improve 1n 2006?

I believe that we are going to learn from our mistakes last year and become a tough, scrappy, and dominant defense by stopping the run by tackling, playing with ruthless aggression, communicating better and creating turnovers by outworking the opposing team.

How many hours per week do you spend in the weight room? Does it vary from sring/summer to the season?

In the spring and summer, we tend to condition and work out in the weight room 18 hours a week, if you include our extra time that we voluntarily work out.

(13) ricci
how do you feel with maurice jones dre leaving early to the nfl?

I'm sad for him to go because he is a really close friend of mine. I can't wait for people to see him perform in the NFL the same way he did last season. But I know we have a suitable replacement, and we will do just as well because of the talent we have.

(14) Tommy (Pasadena)
Hey Kevin! I was wondering what are you goals for the the upcoming season? What are you going to focus on in spring training to better yourself as a player. Secondly what are the teams goals for this upcoming season?

The biggest thing I want to do this year is to establish myself as a leader because I know that the years before I've had a lot of great teammates that were good leaders, and it caused me to raise my level of play. I want to emulate that style of leadership so that I can get the best of my teammates because as good as I train and prepare myself, one man cannot dominate, and it will take a focused team to dominate the Pac-10. Our team goal is to not come up short this year and beat the Trojans and win the Pac 10 title and get a shot at the National Championship.

(15) LA
Who is your friend "MVP"? And what does that mean?

MVP is Junior Taylor. He and I won the Most Valuable Players of the USC game, and we just decide to call one another MVP.

(16) Mike (Artesia)
Hey Kevin, hope the recovery is going well. As a Poly grad, with so many top prospects coming out of Poly every year, how is UCLA and Karl Dorrell's reputation in the eyes of Poly players?

Coach Dorell has done a great job of letting Poly players understand that he can maximize player potential if we just buy into his system fully, and so far he has done a great job of getting us here and giving us opportunities to play were we can get on the field.

(18) Lake4 Tahoe
Are you pumped about the new d-coordinator and line coach? Do you feel we're deep enough to challenge opposing offenses at the line? Dan

Coach Walker and Coach Howard are great. They have come in and made us feel comfortable as well as confident. I think we are going to be really deep considering the size of the recruits we are getting. The last couple of years, guys have been playing out of position trying to fill in for guys who have been injured, so I think since we have the ability to not put a lot of pressure to play every snap on us, we're a lot more comfortable.

(20) ernie flores, westminster
what's the buzz with the rest of the D as you guys see each other for the first time since the news of the recent coaching changes ? are guys bummed to lose familiar friends/coaches, or are they stoked about the potential of a "raven like" attacking style, and the fierce competition that will demand everyone to bring it ?

We are sad to see coaches go anytime. Coach Dorrell hires great coaches. I am happy, though, because it gives players new life, and competition is created. Spring ball is going to be great just to watch this new system, which I think is great, and the athletes we have to execute them are going to be exciting.

(23) San Diego
What is your favorite thing about being a football player?

Having the ability to compete against the great schools and bonding with my teammates who are like family is the best thing about football for me

(25) Gilbert from Ontario
Well I guess the biggest question is how is the ankle doing? Well you be able to participate in Spring Practice or will you sit it out? How hard was it to sit the season out especially with all those injuries the BRUINS had? We all are looking forward to watching you play this year. GO BRUINS!

Well, my ankle is doing great. I have begun to run with the team, but unfortunately since my mobility isn't very good right now, for safety purposes I'll be limited in my participation. It was very difficult for a while, especially since I was on crutches for two and a half months, but eventually I found my role and started coaching up the other defensive linemen.

(26) issaquah
who is the strongest on the team ?

I think it's either Shannon Tevaga or Noah Sutherland (I would be in contention, but due to my leg injuries, I can't lift with my legs)

(29) Antonio (Los Angeles)
If you could leave right now, where in the world would you like to go?very good right now.

I would probably go to Belize because I have family in Belize that I would like to go down and visit.

(34) Mike (Monterey)
What's up Kevin? Can you comment on your rehab and the strength of your ankle at this point? Do you feel you are now back to 100%? PS: Keep your head up and keep working hard. Can't wait to see you back on the field in 2006!!!!

My strength is good, but not to where I feel comfortable doing all the things I used to be able to do, such as power lifting, speed, and mobility. I will be back as long as I keep up with my rehab.

(38) Monrvoia
Kevin, i`m hoping that you can be that rock for the defensive line. What is your main focus to help are defensive line? Joe.

My intention to be the leader that we need so can be more cohesive as a group and maintain an attitude to be the best defensive line in the country.

(39) bruinbob atascadero
hey kevin,best wishes for 06. do you anticipate playing any 3-4 this yr? and will you play nose tackle ? it will be good to see # 75 in there again !

No, we will be playing a defense similar to our prior defense, and I may or may not play pending how the spring competition turns out.

(40) Ed (San Diego)
How tough has it been to endure your injury since you were playing at such a high level and do you think you can make it back to 100% this year?

I believe I'll be 100% because we have one of the best training facilities in the country. Also, I've been getting great treatment and doing really well at rehab.

(42) David Covina, CA
What made you decide to become a Bruin? Thanks. Go Bruins!!

I decided to become a Bruin because my family was pushing for me to go here, but after visiting UCLA, I understood that I had a chance to be a part of something special. Understanding the rich tradition of both athletics and academics made my decision comforting.

(43) Jason (Long Beach)
What's up Bear! This is your Puerto Rican homeboy, who's at every game! What do you think of the new DL coach? Is he next level or what?

What's up J. Our new D line coach is going take us to the next level. I know this because in the short time we've been with him, we already have a chip on our shoulder, and we're ready to prove to the country we're going to dominate by any means necessary.

(44) Liz, Long Beach
are u to be single anytime soon? ;)

Nope. I'm going strong with my girlfriend of a year and 4 months.

(45) Michael (Pasadena)
This question is for fun and so that Bruin fans can get to know you. Would you rather score a touchdown in the Rose Bowl or go out on a date with Beyonce?

I would rather score a touchdown definitely because I would have a place in history, but the date with Beyonce would be a definitive moment in my life.

(46) Daleen Ann Nelson
Kevin, I am writing just to say that we are soooo glad you are back and that your ankle is strong again! Have a great season! GO BRUINS! Mom of Danny #43

Thanks Mrs. Nelson, I appreciate that very much. Take care!

(50) Isaac (New York)
Hey Kevin, I speak for all Bruin fans when I say we are eagerly looking to see you man the line next year for us. What diffences do you think Bruin fans expect from the new defensive coaches?

They should expect a defense that is going to be dominant, tough, and smart.

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