Down Under Diaries - Lisa Willis
Photo gallery - day two

Hey Bruin fans. Today was a wonderful day, full of excitement and surprises. We took a ferry to the zoo today, and that was super amazing. Who would have ever known that sea water was actually blue? It was less than a ten minute ride, but every last second was great.

After getting to the zoo, there were surprises, surprises, surprises. Some teammates and I went to check out the chimpanzees, and that was shocking. Listen, there were a few chimps in a cage just maxin' and relaxin'. That was until one of them decided to turn around and boo boo in his own hand. Wait a minute! That's not the worst part. After that, he decides to smell it. I guess he was just checking to make sure that it was ok for him to eat, because then he started nibbling on it. Now that's gross. Everybody who witnessed it was disgusted. Shaina was filming, so if you guys are gross enough, you can ask her to show you when we get back.

We went to eat and then left for our basketball game. I'm guessing you heard that we won. It was a really fun game. Everybody got to play and just have a good time.

I can't hardly wait for tomorrow. We get to climb this huge, beautiful bridge. That's not usually the kind of thing that I like to do, but hey, we're in Australia. I might as well do it so I can have something to tell my kids one day.

Well, that's all for right now. I super super appreciate all of the support, even when we're out of season. That's what true Bruins do. I'd like to give a few shout-outs to my family and Kenny Donaldson, my academic coordinator. Over and out.

Lisa Willis

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