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Follow the third-ranked UCLA gymnastics team as it competes against 18th-ranked Oregon State on Sunday afternoon at Pauley Pavilion. The meet will begin at approximately 2:15 pm, and scores will be updated right here throughout the meet. Please hit refresh or reload for the latest updates.

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Rotation One

UCLA - Vault
Jennifer Sutton - Tsukahara tuck full, did not get enough rotation and landed on her side, 8.85
Lori Winn - Yurchenko layout full, nice form, bounced up, 9.875
Ashley Peckett - Yurchenko layout half, also great form, step forward, 9.9
Kristen Maloney - Yurchenko layout full, a little off to the right but stuck the landing, 9.925
Kate Richardson - Yurchenko layout full, great distance, height, hop back on landing, 9.925
Jeanette Antolin - Yurchenko layout full, BEAUTIFUL, great height and distance, no doubt a 10, her fourth of the season.
Exhibition: Kisha Auld - Tuskahara layout full, great power, 9.85
Team Total - 49.625

OSU - Bars
Therese Videan - 9.825
Heather Justus - 9.85
Chelsea Plourde - 9.9
Heidi Goehring - 9.875
Chrissy Lamun - 9.925
Tanya Ricioli-Hebron - 9.9
Team Total - 49.45

Rotation Two

UCLA - Bars
Lori Winn - beautiful Tkatchev, nice lines, stuck double layout dismount, 9.95, career-high
Kristen Maloney - beautiful routine, great extension, stuck full-in dismount, 9.975, career-high
Yvonne Tousek - another beautiful routine, great release moves, small shuffle back on double layout dismount, 9.875
Kate Richardson - great height and distance on Jaeger, beautiful double layout dismount with a small shuffle back, 9.925
Jeanette Antolin - very aggressive routine, hit handstands vertical, stuck double layout dismount with flair, 9.975
Jamie Dantzscher - first routine in Pauley this year, hit a beautiful set with a monster tuck full-in dismount - huge height, great distance, 10.0!
Exhibition: Holly Murdock - 9.775
Team Total - 49.825 (school record)
Two-event Score - 99.45

OSU - Vault
Chrissy Lamun - Yurchenko layout, stuck landing, 9.65
Heather Justus - Handspring front pike, stuck landing, 9.8
Therese Videan - Handpsring front pike with a half-twist, 9.775
Angela Morales - Handspring front pike with a half-twist, great landing, 9.85
Tanya Ricioli-Hebron - Yurchenko layout half, nice form, stuck landing, 9.9
Chelsea Plourde - Handspring front pike with a half-twist, 9.8
Team Total - 49.125
Two-event Score - 98.575

Rotation Three

UCLA - Beam
Lori Winn - extremely steady on every element on the beam, hop back on double full dismount, 9.85
Holly Murdock - good difficulty and execution on leaps and jumps, stuck gainer full dismount, very solid routine, 9.825
Jeanette Antolin - tumbles on the beam like she's on floor - very powerful, fast and aggressive, step forward on double pike dismount, 9.9
Yvonne Tousek - very elegant routine with great difficulty, stuck double full dismount, 9.95, ties career-high
Kristen Maloney - a little off on her full-twisting swing-down but stayed on, stuck gainer full dismount, 9.9
Kate Richardson - nailed her two layouts from planche, slid back a tad on gainer full dismount, 9.95
Team Total - 49.55
Three-event Score - 149.0

OSU - Floor
Heather Justus - 9.825
Therese Videan - 9.85
Chelsea Plourde - 9.825
Angela Morales - 9.925
Chrissy Lamun - 9.35
Tanya Ricioli-Hebron - 9.9
Team Total - 49.325
Three-event Score - 147.9

Rotation Four

UCLA - Floor
Ashley Peckett - stuck all of her tumbling passes and really sold her routine, 9.925
Kristen Maloney - first floor routine in Pauley since 2001, huge whip to immediate double pike, stuck 2.5 twist, nice dance, stuck double pike dismount, what an amazing comeback, 9.95 (39.75 in the all-around! new career high)
Yvonne Tousek - stuck first two tumbling runs, she's really selling this routine, very captivating, 9.975 (career high)
Jamie Dantzscher - first floor routine in Pauley this year, using same floor routine from 2002 but with front tumbling; nailed second pass; still does the best worm in gymnastics; great routine, 9.95
Kate Richardson - nailed every part of this routine, should be a 10 and is! (her second this year on this event)
Jeanette Antolin - she's having a blast with this routine and engaging the crowd, stuck all tumbling passes, should be another 10 and is (her first on floor in her career)
Team Total - 49.875 (school record)
Final Score - 198.875 (school record and ties national record)

OSU - Beam
Angela Morales - 9.775
Elaine Yoder - 9.85
Heidi Goehring - 9.875
Chrissy Lamun - 9.825
Tanya Ricioli-Hebron - 9.825
Chelsea Plourde - 9.9
Team Total - 49.275
Final Score - 197.175

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