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Missouri Eliminates UCLA In Malibu Regional, 2-1
By: UCLA Athletics

June 4, 2006

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UCLA Quotes

Head Coach John Savage

"We ran into two battle-tested teams from two great conferences with each team facing elimination. They came out with a big run in the seventh inning. It was one of those games we've been playing all season. It was a tight ballgame. We just didn't come out on top. "

On today's offensive troubles:
We've had a lot of players step-up all year offensively. It was just a tough weekend for us. We left some players in scoring position and I think the ballpark played extremely big. You look at the scores of every game. It was frustrating. Our guys worked hard. I think you've seen as good as pitching in any of the regionals. There's a ton of good arms and a ton of pro-pitchers. We just didn't get enough cross-play, so it was frustrating."

On scoring opportunities:
"We've been playing close games all year. But honestly, we didn't have a lot of scoring opportunities today, not as much as they did. We only had six hits. It was just one of those 2-1 games that you have to be on top. You have to get a big hit late and they did and we didn't."

On the pitching: "Oseguera [Relief Pitcher Paul Osegueara] has been unbelievable all year. It was a 2-2 pitch; it was a close pitch, but I guess it was off the plate and Frey [Centerfielder Evan Frey] did a good job of hitting the ball to left field with two strikes and you have to give him credit. But if I were Oseguera I would have done that 10 out 10 times. I thought Brummett [starting pitcher Tyson Brummett] was a little tired. I think he threw about a 105, 107 pitches and we like the match-up of left on left for sure."

"We didn't execute. We swung the bat. This ballpark you just can't hit the ball up in the air. The ball just dies up here and you have to use the middle field. It's just one of those things that you just have to give credit to their pitching."

Right Fielder Chris Jensen

On the today's game:
"I think in the big picture our season overshadows this, but I'm just frustrating because I know we're better than what we showed. I'll be the first guy to stand up and say I could have done more. It's just frustrating because we have good pitching we just couldn't get any hits. We had a lot of chances to hit with two outs and get the ball rolling. We just couldn't get that one hit."

Starting Pitcher Tyson Brummett

On the balk:
"I don't think I did. It's something we practice a lot. As of late I thought I did a pretty good job of stopping. I thought it's a good move for me when I execute it right and I thought I did."

Missouri Quotes

Head Coach Tim Jamieson

"I thought it was a very well played game. It was a very well-pitched game particularly game three of a regional. It came down to one at-bat and it came down to our pitcher being just a little better. To me, that's the key of the game while we're still playing."

"I don't care how close it is as long as we're winning. We have not been great in close games this year, but we've been better down the stretch. When you get a guy that can throw a complete game that's how you advance in a regional; getting guys to do something they haven't done all year. It gives us a chance to not only win today, but to win in the second game."

Starting Pitcher Rick Zagone

"We had great team defense today. The pitchers were working well for me, but when you have a defense like that behind you it's good to know that they are backing you up out there. J.C. [Catcher J.C. Field] was great today, mixing up the pitches."

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