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Softball College World Series Postgame Quotes
By: UCLA Athletics

May 31, 1999

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UCLA Head Coach Sue Equist
"This is a thrill. It's unbelievable. It has been a long road and the team his done a great job handling the presure. I couldn't be more proud of the kids. They improved each game. I was extremely pleased with the way we carried out out attack. We wanted to be agressive early in the count. I have to give a lot of credit tklo our assistant coaches who helped put together a plan. I was also happy with the support that we received. The parents are like our 10th man. It's just a great day to be a Bruin."

On first championship since 1992:
"It's always special. You always have people on your team that have never been here before. That is what it's all about for a coach. The ki8ds develop, work hard, carry out the plan then finally get to savor something like this. I enjoy standing on the side and just watching. This wasn't easy. You have to tip your cap to Washington. The game went down tot he final out. The Pac-10 is a tough conference. It's what got us ready for the College World Series. This team was ready for one-run ballgames. That is a credit to the kids."

On Courtney Dale:
"She has led us all year long. She has been the backbone of this team. I knew that the pressure would be incredible for her int he first inning. I know that she is a sophomore in eligibility, but she is a freshman in the circle. I couldn't be more proud of the way that she settled in."

On Julie Adams:
"She is a gamer. She has the most incredible drive. She just gets the job done."

UCLA Sophomore Courtney Dale
On her second inning home run:
"I was jsut trying to stick to our game plan. I wanted to hit the ball hard. I wanted to get something started for the second inning since I was the leadoff batter. I was up there trying to get a base hit."

UCLA Junior Julie Adams On her batting approach:
"We try to watch the people batting in front of us. We want to learn from our teammates. I saw that she was bringing the first pitch in."

On playing with injured left shoulder:
"When you get to this point in the season it's not an issue. You have to think about your teammates. If you have ever been in this situation you know that it doesn't cross your mind. There was nothing that was going to hold me back."

Washington Head Coach Teresa Wilson
"I am very proud of the team and what we have accomplished this season. We just gave a little to little, a little too late today. We jsut didn't execute as well as we have in the rest of the postseason. Hats off to UCLA - they did a great job of coming out and scoring runs early and then they played great defense."

On pitching to UCLA after it scored two runs in the first inning:
"We just started hitting our spots better and mixing the pitches up. they are great hitters and we jsut let up a little bit and that is how they scored thow first two runs. We could have been out of that inning if we had jsut played a little more aggressive defensively."

On UCLA's early lead:
"It was early enough in the game that we felt like we had the opportunity to come back one run at a time. That is why we were attempting to move our base runners along. We just didn't execute very successfully. Had we executed more successfully we could have put more pressure on UCLA with runners in scoring position. Some days you get it done an dsome days you don't."

Washington Junior Jennifer Spediacci
On Courtney Dale's home run:
"I think that she hit the curve ball."

Washington Senior Becky Newbry
On the final play of the game:
"It was pretty tough. I remember my freshman year when Mindy Williams was the last out of the game in the World Series. Now I feel all of the pain that she felt then. It has been a good road, though."

Washington Sophomore Kim DePaul
On sliding into first base head first:
"It was the first time that I have done that htis year. I always think that I can beat the throw if I slide head first for some reason, even though coach tells me it's faster to stay on your feet. I think that anytime I have slid into first my percentage is pretty high, though."

All-Tournament Team

Julie Adams         UCLA          Third base
Christie Ambrosi    UCLA          Outfield
Katy Carter         DePaul        Catcher
Courtney Dale       UCLA          Pitcher
Kim DePaul          Washington    Third base
Melissa Downs       Washington    First base
Amanda Freed        UCLA          Pitcher
Lisa Iancin         California    Second base
Lovieanne Jung      Fresno State  Second base
Julie Luna          Fresno State  Third base
Amanda Scott        Fresno State  Pitcher
Jennifer Spediacci  Washington    Pitcher

Most Outstanding Player Julie Adams

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