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Post Game Quotes
By: UCLA Athletics

May 25, 2003

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General comment:

"I think I'm most proud of how we carried out our offensive plan to make Cat (Osterman) throw a lot of pitches. She's very effective at what she does and I was glad we were able to carry out some of the things we talked about today. We wanted to put the momentum on our side offensively, put runners on base and we did what we had to do to get the victory."

On Keira Goerl's performance:
"I think Keira did a great job today of getting ahead in the count and controlling their offense. That really kept the momentum on our side."

On what she thought when Texas pulled Cat Osterman: "It is a huge emotional shift when you see them take their go-to pitcher out like that."

On her team's resiliency:
"Now our team is at the point where we just have to gut it out mentally. It's not even a matter of can we hang in there emotionally. If you're blood's not boiling now and your adrenaline isn't going by this point then you shouldn't be in the game. This weekend has been indicative of our season in that many times we don't do it easy. But I'm most proud of our ability to just go out there and fight."

On what she concentrates on in a pitchers' duel:

"I'm not focused on their team. I'm just focused on me, my team and our gameplan. I'm not really worrying about what they're doing."

UCLA SENIOR Toria Auelua
On her home run:

"I felt like I was seeing Cat really well. I was just a little anxious so when I finally settled down I was able to get the hit. I think it helped shift the momentum a lot. We had a lot of energy to begin with and throughout the whole game, but that definitely added a whole lot more confidence to our team."

General comment:

"We anticipated that it would be a great matchup. I thought we definitely tried to make a difference throughout the game. Keira (Goerl) threw a good game against us. They had a great gameplan coming in and continued to make adjustments during the game. Our team has a lot of character. I feel good about us coming out tonight and making adjustments."

On why she pulled starting pitcher Cat Osterman:
"It really didn't have anything to do with fatigue or pitch count. I thought it was a good opportunity for us to get a look at Amy (Bradford). You have to anticipate that there will be two games today, but obviously our goal was to get the one. With us anticipating two, we wanted to get Amy in the game to see their hitters. It helped us for some decisions we'll have to make for tonight's game. I honestly told Cat she needed to stay into the game, just in case we needed her to come back in. I think she had a very good mindset in case we needed to do that."

On UCLA pitcher Keira Goerl:

"Keira is one of the best because she keeps everyone off balance. She is a hard thrower, has a great change up and drop ball. We are going to do our best and go out there tonight to get a win."

On pressure after UCLA went up 1-0:
"To be honest, I don't think there was any extra pressure because whether we are the No. 3 seed or the No. 1 seed we are going to be seen as the underdogs because it is our first time here. Everything is huge for us and I see us as the underdog the whole way through. They have been here and done that and have a lot of experience. I don't think we feel additional pressure."

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