Chat With Tennis' Chris Lam This Friday At 11AM

Chat Wrap: Chris Lam

Welcome to's moderated chat room. On Friday at 11:00 a.m. (PST), UCLA sophomore tennis player Chris Lam visited the chat room to talk tennis and field any other questions you have. Lam is currently in Athens, Ga. with the sixth-seeded Bruins as they begin play at the NCAA Championships this Saturday against Oklahoma State.

A native of Honolulu, Lam is in his first season at UCLA after transferring from Santa Clara following his freshman year. He posted a team-best 33 singles victories this season, and currently stands at 33-9 overall. His is an honorable mention All-Pac-10 selection.

Moderator: Okay, Chris is here and ready to answer your questions

ana , los angeles city: how long have you been playing tennis?
Chris Lam: I've been playing tennis for 14 years. I began playing with my dad at the public courts in Honolulu

izell, los angeles city: how do you balance school and tennis? do you have a plan of transferring to other school or finish college at UCLA? does a busy guy like you still have time for girls?
Chris Lam: It takes a lot of time management to balance school and tennis, but I still find time to have fun. I definitely plan on finishing my career at UCLA.

Grant (Atlanta): What is your favorite Gatorade flavor?
Chris Lam: Red

arthur, sacramento: Chris why are you so good? What's up Chris are you going to be playing futures down in norcal?
Chris Lam: I might play some futures up in Northern California this summer.

brett, los angeles: what do you feel the team had to do in order to win the ncaa championship? and who is your best friend on the team? GO Bruins!!!!
Chris Lam: I think we need to come together as a team. I think everyone is playing well individually right now and we have good team unity. As for my best freind on the team, all the guys get a long real well.

Jason, Los Angeles city: iam in city college now in la and wondering if its possible to make a university level team when you transfer or do you need to be recruited, iam pretty good player.
Chris Lam: Rodrigo Grilli who is currently playing No. 3 for us went to College of the Desert so it is certainly possible. It is important to get some good results and recognition by Division-I programs.

Rocky - San Diego: Hi Chris! Just a big congrats to you and the team for all your success so far and I wanted to tell you a lot of us here in San Diego are pulling for you guys to win it all! GO BRUINS!
Chris Lam: Hey Rocky, thanks for the support.

jason torrance,ca: did you go to santa clara city college?
Chris Lam: No, I went to Santa Clara University

Johnny (Las Vegas): How do you feel about being selected for the NCAA singles championships?
Chris Lam: I'm very happy. That was one of my individual goals at the start of the season so I'm very happy to have accomplished that.

Tim (Santa Monica): Who do you pattern your game after? I kind of see a little bit of Michael Chang in your game.
Chris Lam: I don't really pattern my gave after any one specific player, but I take a little bit from everyone. I grew up looking up to Agassi and Sampras.

Christina (Delta Terrace): Do you have an special pre-game rituals you go through? Boxers or briefs dude?
Chris Lam: Before each match I just concentrate on focusing and blocking out all distractions. Boxers.

Jason, los angeles city: thanks, how should i got about getting some recognition by division 1 schools, should i enter some tourney's or leagues?
Chris Lam: Play some futures tournaments or some prize money open tournaments where college coaches tend to scout.

Vang, UCLA: Yo Chris, congrats on a good season. You have a great game and you're a real asset to the team this year. Your success is obviously evident in singles play. Can we expect to see you play more double matches next season?
Chris Lam: Thanks for the support. Hopefully I will get to see some more doubles play next year.

Derrick Nguyen, Darnestown, MD: Tell Billy that I didn't know he could be so eloquent on his journal! hahaha, alright Chris, make UCLA fans proud!
Chris Lam: Hey Derrick. Thanks for the question. I will tell Billy you like his journal.

anonymous: What is your ethnicity?
Chris Lam: I am half Chinese and half caucasian.

Elizabeth (New Jersey): Who is the best server on the team?
Chris Lam: Besides myself, Rodrigo Grilli

Jason,los angeles city: what are futures tourneys and how do you get info about them or get in one same with prize money opens, thx
Chris Lam: You can go to

Ana Marie (Los Angeles): What do you do for fun? How do you like Los Angeles and/or UCLA? What are your plans for the future? Good luck in the upcoming games:)
Chris Lam: I like to go surfing for fun. I'm really enjoying UCLA and I like living in Los Angeles. In the near future, I plan on playing some futures tournaments and I'm going to summer school.

Lisa (Los Angeles): Do you think that playing on the indoor courts if it rains will help or hurt the team?
Chris Lam: We really don't have a preference. We are here to play no matter what the conditions are.

J dawg: You my dawg yo from the morgan center. How do you feel about being the underdogs and about shocking the world, taking the 4th national championship for the UCLA bruins. lol.
Chris Lam: Being the underdog takes a lot of the pressure off so we can just go out there and play.
Chris Lam: Thanks everyone for joining the chat today. I'm off to practice. Wish us luck tomorrow against Oklahoma State. GO BRUINS!

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