Down Under Diaries - Amanda Livingston
Photo gallery - day three

Dearest Diary,

Today, I feel, is by far one of the most fun days of our trip! We went to the Opera House, again! Haha, but this time we actually toured it! The architecture of this place is amazing, and it took only 14 years to build!

Although that was fun, nothing can top the bridge climb that we did! I don't think I have ever seen anything so beautiful in my life. I wish you all were here to see the amazing view with us! Seriously, there are no words to describe the experience we had today as a team. First off, the climb was not easy; it was scary, at least for me! The process we had to take before climbing the bridge was fun and very reassuring that you would be safe. The first thing we did was take a breathalyzer (haha) and sign some papers. Then we were given jumpsuits and were told to put these on and take off all our jewelry. Next we put on these safety belts (we were latched to a wire the whole climb). Then we were told that we were going to go shopping! We got to pick from the bins a hat, a beanie, gloves, a handkerchief, a fleece and a rain jacket, all of which were firmly attached to us at all times. After we did this, we went through a mock climb to get all the jitters out of our system! Yeah right! I was still scared the whole time! The final part of this process was the radios and headsets so that the guide could communicate to us the whole time. Then we were off!

The climb took a little over two hours. This was a great bonding experience. Of course Lauren had to ask the questions that would scare everyone, like "What would you do if this wood that we are walking on broke?" Haha - gotta love her! She said she would bungee jump off the bridge too if she had a chance! She's crazy!! Then there is Shaina, who hates heights. She was behind me! But it wasn't that bad because I think I was just as scared as her! After the first set of stairs we climbed we were waiting for Sissy for a long time, and then she finally came. She said she was "talking" to the one of the other tour guides. Oh Sissy - she is such a flirt! We are going to miss her next year.

All the stair climbing was worth it once we got to the top! At the top we did the 8 clap, and everyone threw their "deals" over the side! If you don't know what those are, ask Nikki Blue!! :) She will be happy to tell you!! Another thing that kept us laughing at the top was when our trainer, Jenny, mooned us. Well, almost; we had so many layers of clothes on that it was just her pants under the other ones she pulled down!! It was funny though!! We were so lucky because right as we were descending down the bridge it started to rain.

After the climb was over we got our pictures and went to dinner exhausted. Our tour guide said we burned 700-900 calories!! Awesome!! Dinner was so much fun. We had to cook it for ourselves!! At least I know my food was good, I don't know about everyone else's!! :)

This trip has been amazing so far, I am so happy that I have had this opportunity to go to the land down under! I miss you mom and dad! Love you!

G' Day Mates ---- Amanda

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