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UCLA Football Quotes
By: UCLA Athletics

October 3, 1998

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UCLA Head Coach Bob Toledo

"First of all, we're excited to win the first (Pac-10) game. If you don't win the first Pac-10 game, you get behind the eight-ball."

"I'm pleased to see our defense come out and play as well as they did. I challenged them, and they responded well to it. Our offense did a nice job taking the ball down the field. I was pleased with the way we swarmed the ball and attacked aggressively. Offensively, I thought we played well enough to get some yards and get some points."

"All in all I'm excited to be 3-0 and have a 13-game winning streak. Next week is going to be a great game. We're anxious to get down to Arizona and play the Wildcats."

"It really is tailback by committee. All those kids ran hard. I was sorry Jermaine (Lewis) didn't get an opportunity to run for 100 yards. The walk-ons came in though and ran some yards. That's really good for morale."

"Cade McNown is a fierce competitor, and you can't tell him how to run. He's not looking for a place to hide. When he sees the end zone, he wants to get in it."

UCLA Tailback Jermaine Lewis

"All the redemption is there, the emotion factor. We were hitting everything hard and full-speed. This is a very satisfying win. It was a real team builder. We were on all cylinders when the game started, and emotions were very high. We wanted payback."

"We're clicking, but we haven't put two halves together. We need to click a little more, start executing and put two halves together. As a team we're playing hard but we're shooting ourselves in the foot."

"(Washington State) is a great team. They played hard football, and so did we. We wanted to go out there and show we're still a physical team."

"Personally, I wanted to go out there and destroy this team. I'm happy we were able to win the game and start the Pac-10 season right."

WSU Head Coach Mike Price

"We fumbled the ball a couple of times and gave UCLA good field position. Anytime you give UCLA a chance to score, they're going to score. They're a damn good offensive football team."

"We're just not executing right now. We needed a little more consistency with our offense. I don't think we gave up. We have a lot of heart - just not a lot of head."

(On UCLA) "They can outrun you, and I think that's what happened today. Cade McNown is a fabulous, fabulous quarterback."

(On UCLA's early lead) "We're not the type of offensive football team right now to make up that type of deficit."

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