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Postgame Quotes
By: UCLA Athletics

NCAA Softball Regional - @ UCLA's Easton Stadium
Post-Game Press Conference - Game Three
Louisville 1 Missouri 0 (8 innings)

Louisville Head Coach Sandy Pearsall
"We are pleased to get our first game in the Regionals, especially since it's our first time here. We've been struggling as of late to score runs and win those games in extra innings, so this was a big boost for us in our confidence and I think we're finally loosening up our team, which has been playing extremely tight the last five or six games now."

(On the possibility of playing a team ranked as high as UCLA in the next game): "We've faced Oklahoma this year and we played Florida State this year, so we've faced some teams that are definitely in the Top 10. We obviously are going to have to come out and pitch extremely well tomorrow as we do at this time of year anyway. We have to pick up our offense a little more. We have the ability to hit the ball and get the job done a little better than what we've been doing. And my hope is that we'll loosen up. Obviously if it ends up being UCLA in the next game, we'll be the underdog, so we have nothing to lose. So we'll just go out there and have fun and play softball and not worry about being tight. Nobody's going to expect us to upset UCLA, so bottom line is we just have to play hard. I know I have a team that can do that because I've watched them do that against some top teams in the country."

"It goes a long way for us just to have made it here. Obviously getting the first win is always a big bonus and something that's going to help us not only through this regional but in the future next year."

Louisville Second Baseman Michelle Vasquez
(On her game-winning hit): "I can't even explain it. It was probably the best feeling I've ever felt, definitely."

(On the emotion of being selected to UCLA's regional near her hometown of Rancho Cucamonga): "Fortunately when we found out I had my mother and sister with me already in Louisville. As far as the emotion, I was thrilled that we were going to be playing close to home and I was just thrilled."

Louisville Pitcher Aja Sherman
"I felt pretty good today. I think I got it (nervousness) out of my system. We came here and because had nothing to lose I just went out there and threw hard. It felt really good. Every bad pitcher gets a bad inning every once in a while. As long as it's not too bad ..."

Missouri head coach Ty Singleton
"Give credit to Louisville for doing a good job and getting that win. I was sitting and watching and there wasn't much to it. Neither team drove the ball very well, so it was a little bit of a boring game, but credit to Louisville for finishing in the end with two outs."

(On what they need to do in the next game): "We definitely need to swing at balls in the zone and when we do that, do a better job at taking good swings and driving the ball. Overall, since there were not many balls hit hard from the opposing team I was pleased with our pitching and defense. They did a nice job. Both Erin (Kalka) and Erica (Peterson) did what they needed to do for us to win a ball game. We just need to put runs up."

(On the next game being a 9 am start): "One nice thing is we've had a couple of days here to get used to Pacific coast time. But another nice thing is that it feels a little bit later for us because we're from the Midwest and have the couple hours advantage. You never know. It'll feel early, 10:00, 11:00 out there feels like an early game anyway. We'll just have to put a little extra emotion in it and get fired up and get ready to get after it."

Missouri Third Baseman Kendra Power
"Right now what's really important is some of our younger girls need to realize how important it is to win this next game. For us upperclassmen, it's a big advantage that coming into this next game we've played on this field before. So I thought us being here before we had a big advantage, and we can use that going into the next game. Just making solid contact is what we really need to work on. Seeing the ball better is what we need to focus on next game. Just getting more hits."

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