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Post Game Quotes
By: UCLA Athletics

Dec. 6, 2003

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UCLA Head Coach Andy Banachowski

"We are excited to be travelling to Lincoln next week. I don't think that we played as smoothly as we did last night. Irvine presented a few different problems for us. Their size was a big factor tonight. They are a good size blocking team that gave us some problems and had a good match. We're happy to come out of here with the win."

"I think their size affected some of what we were doing. Like I've always said, blocking is a really streaky thing. We were in San Diego's wheelhouse last night. Irvine's hitters are a little different and presented some different problems. We didn't' block as well. We wanted to rely a little more on our digging tonight. Fortunately, that pulled us through quite well."

"When we're at our best, we're balanced. It's a little bit of everything. I think that tonight, the blocking wasn't there that was there last night, but we still played good defense. We served pretty well. Our key is our balance. It isn't any particular thing or player. Everybody has to be on and we all have to be doing what we need to do."

"There were a couple of streaks where we were able to separate ourselves from Irvine, but for most of the match, it seemed like we were just siding out back and forth."

"I think that Irvine did a great job this season. They've had some tremendous wins. Their two outside hitters were really superb tonight. They have good size all the way around. They're going to be a force to be reckoned with in the future in the Big West."

On facing Nebraska in the Regional Semifinal: "Nebraska is always big. They have always been a strong attacking team. They might have a little more finesse in their attacking game this year. It will be a fun challenge to play them in front of their fans. They always fill up their coliseum to play, so there should be about 5,000 people there. It will make for an exciting match."

UCLA's Heather Cullen

On Game Three: "I think that we were less frantic. The whole game we felt out of control, we weren't playing our game. Towards the end of the game, we pulled together and said that we have to finish this game and head to Nebraska."

UCLA's Colby Lyman

On game three "We realized that it was our last game at home and we wanted to finish strong."

UC Irvine Head Coach Charlie Brande

"I thought we played with great intensity. I'm very proud of how hard we played. As things got close, some of our inexperience showed. We made some mistakes that we probably shouldn't have made. We played maybe our best match of the year. We adjusted to what they were doing very well. We played at the same tempo and were very competitive."

"We were very excited to play Missouri in the first round. We thought that it was a team we were going to be very competitive with them. We were excited about playing UCLA in Pauley Pavilion. They have a great tradition and coaching staff. It was a challenge we were looking forward to all year. It was exactly what we wanted to do. I think you'll find that each of us are very proud of the way we played and performed."

"This has been the best season in school history.

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