Women's Tennis Ranked Eighth in Latest ITA Rankings

March 29, 2000

Princeton, N.J. -In the latest rakings released by the Intercollegiate Tennis Association Wednesday, UCLA moved down a spot to No. 8 with an average of 33.68. Stanford is No. 1 followed by Pepperdine, Georgia, Wake Forest and Arizona State.

In the individual singles rankings, freshman Sara Walker, despite sitting out since March 5, moved up three spots to No. 6. She is followed by Amanda Basica at No. 63 and Annica Cooper at No. 76. Walker and Basica make up the Bruins' only ranked doubles team at No. 9.

ITA Team Rankings

1. Stanford
2. Pepperdine
3. Georgia
4. Wake Forest
5. Arizona State
6. California
7. USC
9. Florida
10. Vanderbilt

ITA Singles Top-10

1. Kristina Kraszewski (Washington)
2. Laura Granville (Stanford)
3. Marissa Irvin (Stanford)
4. Zuzana Lesenarova (San Diego)
5. Adria Engel (Wake Forest)
6. Sara Walker (UCLA)
7. Lauren Kalvaria (Stanford)
8. Jewel Peterson (USC)
9. Aarthi Venkatesan (Georgia)
10. Esther Knox (Georgia)

ITA Doubles Top-10

1. Lesenarova/Valykova (San Diego)
2. Dvorakova/Zoldakova (TCU)
3. Curren/Jensen (Cal)
4. Blau/Gough (Arizona)
5. Ashley/Irvin (Stanford)
6. Borgersen/Kurimay (Cal)
7. Granville/Tokuda (Stanford)
8. Catlin/Grey (Georgia)
9. Walker/Basica (UCLA)
10. Colosio/Mores (LSU)

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