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Danny Farmer's ESPN Chat Transcript
By: UCLA Athletics

Oct. 18, 1999

Danny Farmer: I am here and ready for your questions.

East Coast Bruin: Do you feel optimistic that the team can regroup and win three or more games to qualify for a bowl game? How do you think Paus' development is progressing?

Danny Farmer: Yes. I think at this point there are certain things that we haven't accomplished and we need to buckle down and focus. We had our goals set high, but now we just need to get focused and try and play our best football.

Cory is getting better day in and day out. You have to look at his mistakes and how he has corrected them. He is young and has a great future ahead of him. He has progressed nicely and he will be a great football player.

goucla87: Do you think that the comparisons between redshirt frosh QB Cory Paus and Cade McNown are valid? How would you compare the two? Have you kept in touch with McNown since he has joined the NFL?

Danny Farmer: They are to a point. Both started as freshman. Cade was just here too, and Cory soaked in what Cade was all about.

Also, they differ greatly as well. Cade was able to scramble and run very well. Cory has yet to do that but he is getting better. Cade was more of an outside-the-pocket QB and Cory is a little better at throwing the ball down field.

Grube: Hey Danny -- Congrats on a great career. Sorry, but I and many others have been disappointed with the Bruins' play this year. Even though you are having a great year, I still don't feel they get you the ball enough. To you, what are the major problems with the Bruins' offense this year? It was supposed to be a strong point, but has often struggled, especially the running game. What's wrong?

Danny Farmer: The most important thing is that we lost a lot of leadership to graduation. It is difficult to fill in those leadership positions. It was a group of guys that were here a long time and comfortable with the offense. The guys that have stepped in are not as experienced and are going through this for the first time. That is the main reason.

Doug Saffran: Danny: The UCLA offense is not clicking on all cylinders like it did last year, in large part due to the graduation of Cade McNown. How tough has it been for you personally to continue to maintain a positive attitude during this season?

Danny Farmer: It is not tough. I am a positive person. With as young a team as we have, they look up to me so I try and stay as positive as possible. It will help guys stay motivated.

Obviously it is tough losing Cade, but those things happen. He was a great leader and a great player, but we have to move on and get through it.

Brandon: What do you plan to do after you graduate? Do you see yourself pursuing a career in the NFL?

Danny Farmer: Yes, of course I do. It is something I have always dreamed about. I look forward to the challenge. My dad and uncle both played in the NFL, so it is something that has been in the back of my mind since I was a little kid.

MikeG: Hey Danny -- From an insider's point of view, what are the major problems facing the Pac-10? I know the conference has been a huge disappointment and I thought you might have an opinion. Also, what is going on with the running game in Bruin land? I have been disappointed, personally (I know you must be as well), with the performance of the team. Besides Cade being gone, what is so much different from last year to this year? Anyway good luck in the NFL -- tell Bob T. they have to look your way more often!

Danny Farmer: I think a lot of it has do to inexperience. Only one or two QBs have played very much. It is difficult to lose all the QB that were lost last year. The next year it is tough for those teams to adjust to the new quarterback. I think that is something that is overlooked and people are not talking about it and that is why I think the Pac-10 is down this year.

As far as what is different, it is the loss of our senior leaders on offense. We have had a hard time filling those holes and it has been slow going getting guys to do what they are supposed to do on every play. That is the big difference from last year.

Kevin Curtis: Danny, how do you manage to play two Division I sports and handle school as well? Do you follow a structured daily schedule? Good luck the rest of the season and look forward to seeing you playing in the NFL next season.

Danny Farmer: It is very difficult but it is something that I really want to do. When you decide to play two sports, you have to be well prepared and ready for anything. I played three sports in high school so it was an easier transition to college because I had done it before. When you are busy, it makes you structure your life so you can get everything done.

Rowan: Danny: We all know your father and uncle had very successful athletic careers. How has that helped (inspired you, had someone to talk to that understood) or hindered (living up to the expectations, comparisons) you growing up?

Danny Farmer: It has not hindered me. I have always had someone to talk to that has been in that position before and knows what I am going through. Knowing that they have done all this had made it much easier for me.

Golden Bear in Bristol: What do you think of that big, bad Cal defense?

Danny Farmer: They played well. They came after our QB and went after our offensive line. It was hard to run the ball because they put a lot of guys on the line to stop the run and it forced us to pass. Our passing attack was also hindered because it seemed like they knew when we were going to pass. They played well.

Hopefully we can buckle down and have a good week of practice and work on our pass protection and running game.

Patrick: How do you feel about the upcoming volleyball season?

Danny Farmer: Last year was my last season because I didn't redshirt as a volleyball player. The team should be good this year and I will miss it.

Mike Giovanini: Hey Danny. I am a Loyola grad ('97) and I have watched you play in both high school and college. Your game seemed to improve dramatically. What do you think are the biggest keys to your success in college?

Danny Farmer: The greatest part is that I have been able to correct my mistakes. In high school I didn't know what I was doing wrong because the coaching wasn't there. I have become a perfectionist so I have learned from my mistakes and have been able to correct them. One thing that really helped was my redshirt year. I went up against the No. 1 defense and I could watch film and see what mistakes I was making. That really helped.

That is all the time I have for now. Keep rooting for the Bruins and hopefully we can improve and get this thing turned around and get to a bowl game. Thanks for all the questions. Take care.

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