Sherwood Collegiate Cup Day One Results

Jan. 15, 2010

Thousand Oaks, Calif. - Freshman Maxime Tabatruong and senior Haythem Abid each won their first round singles matches at the 2010 Sherwood Collegiate Cup at the Sherwood Country Club on Friday afternoon. Haythem Abid also teamed with Holden Seguso to reach the second round of doubles play.

First round results are below. Second round and back draw matches were to be played later Friday.

In other action on Friday, both Amit Inbar and Nick Meister won a pair of singles matches to reach the quarterfinals at the National Collegiate Tennis Classic in Palm Springs, Calif.

Sherwood Collegiate Cup

Singles Round of 32
Steve Johnson (USC) def Evan Lee (UCLA) 61, 63
Matt Kandath (STAN) def Dominik Mueller (BAY) 64, 76(3)
Alex Clayton (STAN) def Jason McNaughton (USC) 64,64
Sergio Ramirez (BAY) def Kallim Stewart (UCLA) 60,26,63
Maros Horny (BAY) def Zac Tsai (UCI) 36,64,64
Jaak Poldma (USC) def Greg Hirshman (STAN) 62,63
Maxime Tabatruong (UCLA) def Matt Kecki (USC) 26,63,64
Denes Lukacs (BAY) def Walker Kehrer (STAN) 61,62
Haythem Abid (UCLA) def Ted Kelly (STAN) 62,64
Ryan Thacher (STAN) def Daniel Gliner (USC) 75,57,64
Daniel Nguyen (USC) def Ahmed Ismail (UCLA) 62,60
Bradley Klahn (STAN) def Attila Bucko (BAY) 61,63
Jordan Rux (BAY) def Sam Gould (UC IRV) 62,76 (3)
Richard Wire (STAN) def Alex Brigham (UCLA) 63,36,76(3)
Robert Farah (USC) def Julian Bley (BAY) 61,62

Doubles Round of 16
Zac Tsai/Steven Henderson (UCI) def Matt Brooklyn/Kallim Stewart (UCLA) 8-5
Daniel Nguyen/Jason McNaughton (USC) def Alex Brigham/Maxime Tabatruong (UCLA) 8-2
Jordan Rux/Attila Bucko (BAY) def Walker Kehrer/Ted Kelly (STAN) 8-4
Holden Seguso/Haythem Abid (UCLA) def Denis Lin/Matt Kandath (STAN) 9-8 (6)
Matt Kecki/Jaak Poldma (USC) def Maros Horny/Denes Lukacs (BAY) 9-8 (3)
Alex Clayton/Richard Wire (STAN) def Sergio Ramirez/Dominik Mueller (BAY) 8-2
Steve Johnson/Robert Farah (USC) def Evan Lee/Ahmed Ismail (UCLA) 8-3

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