Bruin Divers Host Holiday Diving Invitational in Spieker Aquatics Center

Dec. 29, 2009

Over the holiday break, the Bruin divers played host to UNLV and Northwestern in a meet at the Spieker Aquatics Center. Junior Karina Silva lesd the divers with wins on 3M and tower, while freshman Michelle Vale posted two runner-up finishes (1M/3M).

Women's 1M
Felicitas Lenz. NW. 264.65
Michelle Vale. UCLA. 240.5
Laura Winn. UCLA. 238.78
Carlin Dacey. NW. 238.05
Karina Silva. UCLA. 234.05
Rachelle Zuccaro. UNLV. 227.35
Maggy Boyd. UCLA. 223.25
Tania Lyerly. NW. 219.75
Mariah Skeen. UNLV. 208.3
Edith Feld. UNLV. 199.6
Kristina Fivecoat. UNLV. 168.00

Women's 3M
Karina Silva. UCLA. 322.85
Michelle Vale. UCLA. 262.3
Laura Winn. UCLA. 246.6
Maggy Boyd. UCLA. 241.7
Felicitas Lenz. NW. 240.3
Tania Lyerly. NW. 240.3
Mariah Skeen. UNLV. 233.6
Carlin Dacey. NW. 229.7
Rachelle Zuccaro. UNLV. 206.55
Edith Feld. UNLV. 181.4
Kristina Fivecoat. UNLV. 179.00

Women's Platform
Karina Silva. Ucla. 254.2
Felicitas Lenz. Nw. 244.60
Laura Winn. Ucla. 224.45
Maggy Boyd. Ucla. 200.55
Rachelle Zuccaro. Unlv. 187.55
Mariah Skeen. Unlv. 159.75
Edith Feld. Unlv. 141.05
Kristina Fivecoat. Unlv. 131.75

Men's 1M
Kallister Harmon. NW. 240.85

Men's 3M
Kallister Harmon. NW. 221.6

Men's Platform
Kalister Harmon. NW. 336.35

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